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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

In the Socio-informatics

In the Socio-informatics Laboratory, we research the interaction of objects, things, and information. In other words, we research “how we can design relationality” such as those between objects & objects, things & things, information & information, and also objects & things and things & information. The concept of relationality includes both “interactions,” the effect they have on each other, and “linkage” that reach through time and space. We humans exist to seek out relationships with others and find meaning there. Beyond the existence of independent individuals, we can also see ourselves as existences living and being made alive in many kinds of relationship. Relationality includes parts that cannot be seen such as informational/environmental parts, social institutions and economic mechanisms, culture and religion, and values. Socio-informatics is an academic field that considers perceiving, understanding, and utilizing the interaction of information and the interaction of objects and things conveyed by information as a process that creates, grows, develops, fragments, and destroys relationship networks. For methods to perceive systems as relationships, we can apply the micro level of molecules, genes, and cells all the way up to organizational, economic, and social human population systems. These share mechanisms of superior information processing to collect and edit information, and implement and express certain functions. For our methodologies, we are using an advance methodology to implement a biological evolution mechanism on the computer and a network science methodology to analyze relationships as a network structure, and through simulations, our goal is to design superior information system mechanisms.

In socio-informatics, from an information viewpoint, we are clarifying the meaning and function of those relationalities and thinking about relationality design for the creation of a social information infrastructure that cultivates trust and makes symbiosis possible. Keywords Relationality design Relationality-oriented systems design Evolutionary multi-agent system Genetic programming Interaction/linkage/context Emergence and evolution Genome informatics Prof. Shigeru KATAGIRI, Miho OHSAKI Co-Creation Informatics Laboratory Research Topics Developing remote collaboration support technologies Developing highly realistic sound-field reproduction technologies in multimedia communications Developing video echo canceling technologies Developing a natural interface with t-Room using body motion Developing t-Room’s user interface Developing technologies for improving "the feeling of being in the same room" using cross-media information Developing technologies for improving "the feeling of being in the same room" by controlling time delay Researching evaluation criteria for "the feeling of being in the same room" improvements in t-Room

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