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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Natural language

Natural language processing Nonlinear speech signal processing Acquiring foreign language (L2) ability Spoken language processing

(2) electrical and electronic engineering Prof. Wakao SASAKI, Hiroyuki TODA Opto-Electronics & Systems Laboratory Research Topics Optical neural networks Optical chaos Fluctuation and noise in semiconductor lasers Self-organizing optical networks Ultra-high-speed and/or high capacity optical fiber communication Advanced optical modulator applications Research Contents Our research encompasses areas allied fairly closely with physics and mathematics, such as the foundations of quantum mechanics and nonlinear optics such as solitons. It naturally includes areas deemed cutting-edge in electronics at the moment, such as digital optical communications, optical information processing, development of high-speed optical devices driven by new semiconductor device fabrication technologies like molecular beam epitaxy, and the implementation of optical computing. It includes optical neural networks and chaos theory, and now even bio-electronics is a possibility: research on optical computing and architectures closely resembling the behavior of the human brain. These optoelectronics research areas may form the core of 21st-century scientific technology. Our laboratory brings research topics to teams, chiefly of graduate students, that pursue long-term research that will serve as a platform for the field of optoelectronics. Keywords Frequency stabilization

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