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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Chaos, Neural networks

Chaos, Neural networks Self-organizing networks Ultra-high-speed optical fiber communication Radio over fiber Advanced optical modulation format

Prof. Toshiji KATO, Kaoru INOUE Laboratory for Electric Circuits and System Research Topics Developing computer-aided circuit analysis methods and automated circuit design methods Developing wave analysis systems and failure diagnostic methods Operation analysis and control methods for power electronic circuits Investigating drive methods for rotating electric machines Slip control in electric vehicles Research Contents Electric circuits are indispensable to modern life. In the course of ordinary life, however, we do not think much about where electric circuits are in use. Electric circuits are found in all sorts of everyday products, including cars, home appliances, computers and mobile phones, where they perform very important functions. In cars, for example, an amount of injection fuel is determined to run engine efficiently based on information such as the air mass flow and the throttle valve opening. Moreover, head lights, power windows, wipers, air conditioners and so on… which require electric circuits. The hybrid car is a recent development that uses fuel efficiently by combining inverters and motors. The importance of electric circuits is further increasing. At the Laboratory for Electric Circuits and Systems, we are conducting both computer simulations and experimental research that focus on developing operation analysis methods that investigate system behavior, treating the entirety of the electric circuits and their surrounding devices as a system, and control methods to make these systems function as desired. For example, we have following themes. Computer-aided circuit analysis and automated circuit design methods 1. Formulation of a General Circuit Equation A method of formulating a general circuit equation incorporating digital and control elements is under development through the extension of the Modified Nodal Method. 2. Optimizing Circuit Parameter Design Optimal circuit parameters are computed for a given circuit design by determining the minimum of a selected index function. For this process, efficient computation of parameter sensitivity is under development using the direct method. 3. Parallel Processing of Circuit Analysis Methods Fast circuit analysis algorithms which are suitable for parallel computing are under development. We are also researching algorithms for parallel processing using two or more computers to speed up analysis of ever more complex circuits. 4. Automatic circuit design based on Generic Programming PC cluster system has sixteen computers are used to generate active filter circuits. Generic Algorithm (GA) and Genetic Programming (GP) are adopted to design circuits automatically.

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