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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Prof. Mikio TSUJI,

Prof. Mikio TSUJI, Hiroyuki DEGUCHI High-frequency Engineering Laboratory Research Topics Developing software for electromagnetic-wave circuit element design Developing electromagnetic-wave circuit elements using genetic algorithms Research on transmission and leakage characteristics of waveguides for integrated planar circuits Research on passive circuit elements (filters and multi-port circuits) Research on microwave and optical-wave interactions Research on millimeter-wave leaky-wave antennas Research on different types of horn antennas Research on planar circuit antennas Research on multi-beam/movable beam antennas Developing visualization technologies for electromagnetic phenomena Other topics in the areas of microwaves, millimeter-wave circuits and aperture antennas Research Contents The High-frequency Engineering Laboratory researches an array of issues involving superhigh frequency electromagnetic waves, from microwaves to optical waves. We conduct both theoretical research-mainly computer-driven numerical analyses-and experimental research-mainly measurement of various characteristics using network analyzers, etc. We research an array of topics, some of which are listed above. Keywords Microwave device Millimeter-wave device Optical device

Electromagnetic wave Planar circuit Transmission line Leaky wave Antenna Scattering Prof. Yoshiyuki ISHIHARA, Koji FUJIWARA, Yasuhito TAKAHASHI Electrical Machinery & Apparatus Laboratory

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