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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)


Prof. Mami MATSUKAWA Laboratory of Ultrasonic Electronics Research Topics Fabrication of multi functional ZnO piezoelectric films by magnetron sputtering. Non destructive evaluation of thin films by Brillouin light scattering Laser ultrasonics - nondestructive and noncontact evaluation of small cracks- Thermoacoustics Elastic wave propagation phenomena -simulation and theoretical studies- Development of ultrasonic transducers Research Contents The Laboratory of Ultrasonic Electronics has started as "Laboratory of Acoustics and Measurements", simultaneously with the establishment of Faculty of Engineering at Doshisha University. Our research attitude is always based on the "Experimental study" and "Originality", which are the most important points of view for the Engineers. The laboratory changed its name when the faculty of engineering moved to the new campus "Kyotanabe". After this movement, our research area has dramatically spread and connected to the "Frontiers" of the science and engineering, making use of the interesting characteristics of "Ultrasonics". World collaborating laboratories University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France), Ecole Centrale de Lille (France), Washington University of St.Louis (USA), University Paris 7 (France), Ecole Superior Physique et Chimie Industrielle, Paris (France) etc. Keywords Ultrasonic Electronics thermoacoustics piezoelectric device Opto-acoustics non destructive evaluation medical electronics

Prof. Motoi WADA, Toshiro KASUYA, Yasuyuki KIMURA Applied Physics Laboratory Research Topics Theory and experimental simulation of bow shock formation Laser spectroscopy of atoms and molecules in higher energy states Diagnostics of high-energy particle beams Biomedical applications of atmospheric plasmas Numerical simulation and experimental studies of sputtering due to low energy ions Research Contents

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