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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

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transmissions is a fundamental technological challenge in 4G mobile communications. As is symbolized by the expression "anywhere, anytime, and with anyone," a major issue is also implementing technologies so as to provide easy-to-use and user-friendly communications at low prices. For these problems, our laboratory is researching and developing next generation wireless transmission technologies, software-defined radio, and wireless ad hoc communications. Research on the next generation wireless transmission technologies is fundamental research about how to conduct broadband wireless transmissions within limited frequency resources. Specifically, OFDM, MC-CDMA, MIMO, CDMA, adaptive modulation, and other topics are our research subjects. For these methods we are formulating new technologies, qualitatively evaluating their performance by computer simulations and verifying their effectiveness. Software-defined radio implements signal processing of radio equipment by software, until now done by hardware, the result is that wireless transmission methods can be changed by changing software. In order to implement the 4G system concept of splitting multiple systems according to usage environment and application, this is essential as a terminal-side technology. In particular, in order to constantly maintain an optimal system selection, simultaneous access to multiple (two or more) wireless systems with a single wireless circuit is deemed necessary, and we are working on research for the circuit configuration of software-defined radio terminals that implements this. With the aim of also implementing future systems that are easy-to-use at low costs, we are advancing research on wireless ad hoc technology. Wireless ad hoc technology is a concept that attempts to implement information transmission by relaying it with terminals. For example, dead zones in cellular mobile communications systems can be eliminated by efficiently utilizing terminal relaying, and as a result, it makes the construction of economic wireless networks possible. In our laboratory we are specifically researching the wireless methods/multiplexing technologies suited to implementing wireless ad hoc. Radio wave propagation, measurement technology in wireless communications When thinking about cellular telephone systems, for example, the installation location of base stations and as a result deciding how many base stations to install is a major issue in constructing cellular networks. In other words, there are problems such as dead zones where radio waves don't reach, making the supply of communications impossible, if the distance between base stations is too large, but on the other hand if base stations are densely installed, the dead zones are reduced but the cost of wireless network infrastructure construction increases. To resolve these issues, it is important to establish propagation models to precisely estimate propagation characteristics such as propagation losss, multipath delay characteristics and so on in a radio channel. In this way it is possible to design an optimal wireless network. In recent years, many forms of wireless communications have been developed such as wireless LAN local communications and UWB and RF-ID short distance communications. It is also important to construct propagation models for respective environments to establish these systems. In our laboratory we are researching these propagation models. The research technique in our laboratory is mainly computer simulations, but eventually the evaluation and verification of wireless communications by wireless experiments using radio waves is necessary. For this we are also working on investigating and developing wireless experimentation techniques. For example, in an environment where interference exists, performance evaluations are conducted with actual radio waves emitted for the technologies developed in the laboratory, our private key sharing method for example, and along with research on those evaluation technologies, the effectiveness of the formulated technology is verified. Keywords Mobile communications Modulation/Demodulation Coding

Multipath fading Coded modulation Adaptive modulation Adaptive equalization Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) Wireless security Private key Wireless LAN MIMO MC-CDMA Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Mobile ad hoc Radio wave propagation Wireless measurement technology Anti-interference technology

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