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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)


Keywords Convective heat transfer Turbulent transport Numerical simulation Heat exchangers Visualization measurement Three-dimensional flow Unsteady heat transfer Heat transfer control Micro-flow Cogeneration Prof. Jiro MIZUSHIMA, Hiroshi YAMAGUCHI Fluid Engineering Laboratory Research Contents The Fluid Engineering Laboratory is divided into two groups, Group A and Group B, which both cooperate and compete with each other. The leader of Group A is Prof. Jiro MIZUSHIMA. The interest of Group A is observing, analyzing, and researching the motion of fluids from a wide range of viewpoints. Particular attention is focused on the instability of fluid flows and turbulence transition. Instability of fluid flow results in sudden changes in flow pattern symmetry. Flow instabilities can temporally result in oscillatory fluid motions that may cause objects to oscillate. The flow stability theory can be applied to artificially create such flow patterns and control the resulting oscillations. Conversely, machines can be controlled by deliberately generating oscillations in a fluid flow. The research topic currently tackled by Group A are as follows: Structural analysis of turbulent combustion fields

We are surrounded by many types of combustion phenomena, from internal combustion engines to domestic gas stoves. The carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides they generate are known to have serious detrimental effects on the environment. The laminar flamelet model is widely used for research on combustion phenomena. It uses steady laminar diffusion flames to simulate the instantaneous local flame structure in turbulent fields. However, despite their importance, adequate attention is not paid to characteristic turbulence effects such as increased area and thickness of the reactive surface and promotion of the chemical reaction due to turbulent diffusion. This research involves direct numerical simulations and visualization testing using methane to clarify the dynamic behavior of the combustion field and to elucidate the mutual interactions between the large-scale vortex structure and chemical reactions in jet diffusion combustion. Flow instability and flow transition between two coaxially rotating discs The flow between two coaxially rotating disks models the flow inside a computer hard disk unit. It is investigated by testing, numerical simulations, and analysis. Numerical simulation of flows in a suddenly expanding and contacting channel Numerical simulations of flows in a suddenly expanding and contacting channel are compared with the results from flow stability theory. Stability of Hagen-Poiseuille flow Linear theory indicates that the Hagen-Poiseuille flow is stable. We investigate the stability of Hagen-Poiseuille flows using numerical simulations and non-linear flow stability theory. Flow instability and flow transition past a sphere, cylinder, or array of cylinders We determine steady solutions for the flow past a sphere, cylinder, or array of cylinders and investigate the linear stability to determine the bifurcation structure of the solution. Flow transition past two cylinders Numerical simulations and testing to investigate the transition to oscillatory or deflecting fluid motions in a flow past two cylinders: one parallel and one perpendicular to the flow direction.

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