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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

classrooms and 16 open

classrooms and 16 open computer labs. In addition, Multimedia Lounges (both campuses) provide content creation tools. 7.List of faculty members (supervisors) capable of guiding Afghan participants in English Both Graduate Schools must carry out interviews between the candidates and professors through telephone, TV, or the Internet and professors will decide whether he/she can accept the candidates based on the results of interviews as well research plans submitted in advance. Graduate School of Engineering will announce you to your supervisors after it. (1) information and computer science Prof. Yoichiro WATANABE, Jun CHENG Information Theory and its Applications Research Contents In communication systems such as broadcasting, satellite communication, and telephone networks, multiple users share a single communication system that is transmitting and receiving each users’ information. This kind of communications system is called a multi-user channel. Issues in transmitting information by a multi-user channel are the elimination of interference between users, transmitting information even faster, and measures for the deterioration of sent data caused by noise. In this research laboratory, we are researching methods to transmit information “even faster and more accurately” through these multi-user channels based on the concepts of “information theory,” “coding theory,” and “communication theory.” For the purpose of creating even better communication environments, we are modeling various communication systems and researching the performance, characteristics, coding, and decoding of those models. This research can be applied to multi-user communication systems such as wireless LANs and cellular telephone networks. Principal research topics include: Analyzing the information transmission capability of communication channels Multi-user coding that can be error corrected and its decoding Adaptive signal processing using array antennas Code division multiplexing communication (CDMA communication) MIMO (Multi-Input Multi-Output)

Keywords Entropy Channel coding Multi-user channel Channel capacity Capacity region Error-correcting code CDMA Spread spectrum MIMO Array antenna Wireless LAN Mobile communications Prof. Shigeo KANEDA, Hirohide HAGA Information System Laboratory Research Topics Sensor information processing Information system development methodology

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