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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

oom-temperature range

oom-temperature range using magnetic fields and temperature fields. This can be exploited to create a compact self-circulating heat-transport device with no pump or other mechanical elements. Development of mixed-phase flow parameter measurement methods using magnetic fluids Unlike a general fluid flow, a mixed-phase flow contains mixed solid, liquid, and gas phases. Such flows are important in the nuclear engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, and mechanical engineering fields. For example, gas-liquid two-phase flows occurring inside an atomic reactor cause complex changes in heat transfer characteristics. Understanding such phenomena requires measurements of parameters such as the flow rate and volume ratio of each phase. This research project aims to establish a new mixed-phase flow measurement method using the sensitivity of magnetic fluids to magnetic fields and the principle of electromagnetic induction. The advantages over current measurement methods are low cost, convenience, and maintenance-free operation. Currently, we have achieved the measurement of the void ratio and bubble speed in gas-liquid two-phase flows, identification of flow patterns in gas-liquid two-phase flows, and measurement of the solid-phase concentration in solid-liquid two-phase flows. In the future, we aim to further enhance the sensitivity and expand the range of application of this method.

Characteristics of magnetic-field-controlled energy-conversion MHD power generation In magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) power generation, an electromotive force is generated due to Faraday's law of induction when a conductive working fluid cuts through the magnetic field in a flow channel with electrodes arranged as shown in the diagram below. This project aims to create a cogeneration system using a conductive magnetic fluid as the working fluid. This conductive magnetic fluid uses the magnetic fluid researched for heat-transport devices as the mother liquor. The project involves testing to evaluate the system's generating capacity and numerical simulation of the working fluid flow in the generator channel. Magnetic refrigerator using magnetic particle suspension This research aims to apply the magnetocaloric effect (the phenomenon of a magnetic body heating when a magnetic field is applied and cooling when the magnetic field is removed) to refrigeration devices. Such refrigeration methods are kind to the environment, as no Freon or other greenhouse gases are used. Many institutions are researching magnetic refrigeration using solid magnetic bodies. However, our research focuses on magnetic refrigeration using magnetic particle suspension (liquid magnetic medium like a magnetic fluid).

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