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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Other research on

Other research on thermal flow characteristics in fuel cells, automotive catalytic converters, and etc. Keywords Fluidic oscillator Flow between two rotating disks Computational fluid dynamics Slow flow Ejectors Siphon Flow-induced vibrations Flutter Shear layer control Acoustic streaming Fuel cell Automotive catalytic converter Prof. Takayuki KOIZUMI, Nobutaka TSUJIUCHI Motion and Vibration Control Laboratory Research Topics Vibration and noise reduction in electrical appliances and mechanical equipment Dynamics of automobiles, motorcycles, and heavy construction machinery Robot dynamics and control Human body modeling and dynamic safety analysis Matching evaluation of sporting goods to the human body and human dynamics Research Contents

The Motion and Vibration Control Laboratory conducts research and development on new technologies and new methods through analytical approaches, numerical simulations, and experiments of a wide range of phenomena associated with dynamics and their control. Familiar examples include vibration reduction in fully automatic washing machines through whirling vibration analysis in the spin cycle during dehydration and optimization of the support system; development of analytical methods for vibration transmission paths and contribution factors for sound suppression in automobiles; establishing subjective preference evaluation methods for ride comfort. Also this evaluation is being applied to opimize the pulse of large motorcycles. A robot hand using pneumatic actuators created at this laboratory as artificial muscles is being combined with biological information recognition technology for myoelectric signals to develop new prosthetic hands and assisting devices, due to its good affinity with the human body (Fig. 1). As human dynamics, we are developing numerical simulations of the infant body and conducting various experiments to ensure safety in the event of collisions or accidents in order to develop new types of safety device (Fig. 2). We also undertake matching evaluation of golf clubs to the human body and the analysis of muscle loads during Nordic walking. Prof. Eiichi AOYAMA, Toshiki HIROGAKI Manufacturing System and Design Laboratory Research Topics CAD/CAM, Industrial Robot and Machine Tool Integrated System Control of Automatic Guided Vehicle and Industrial Robots and Machine tools

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