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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

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Back Page The Administrative Controls Protocol was developed by the following agencies: • Department of Environment Canada • Fisheries and Oceans Canada • Ontario Ministry of the Environment • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority • Regional Municipality of Niagara • City of Welland • St Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation

TO: The Chairman and Members of the Authority DATE: July 14, 2010 SUBJECT: Elm Street and Station Road Site Management – Report No. 49-10 Background Members may recall that the Conservation Authority has been working in partnership with the Region of Niagara to manage the Glenridge Naturalization Site. The site is a naturalized park, developed as part of the closure plan for a former landfill site near the intersection of Glenridge Road and St. David’s Road. The project is well supported in the local community and has received a number of awards for innovation. Under a management agreement, the Conservation Authority looks after trails and other visitor facilities at Glenridge. The Region is responsible for all elements related to the long term operations and maintenance of landfill infrastructure such as leachate and gas collection systems. Based on the success of our partnership at Glenridge, Regional staff have approached the Conservation Authority requesting our services at two additional landfill restoration projects. The first is at the former Station Road landfill in the Township of Wainfleet. The second is at the Elm Street landfill in Port Colborne. Station Road Site The Station Road site is a relatively small project, adjacent to the Gord Harry Conservation Trail. The Region has developed a short trail which passes through a constructed wetland, leading to an observation area on the landfill cap. The landscape is a low maintenance, natural habitat, however the trail component will require regular attention. Staff believe that this work can be added to the existing maintenance requirements for the trail staging area at Station Road. Elm Street Site The Elm Street site is being developed as an active community park, located across the road from Mud Lake Conservation Area. The site provides ample parking, extensive nature trails and two “off-leash” dog parks. Although our staff conduct regular maintenance patrols at Mud Lake, there will be a higher level of maintenance required at the Elm Street site when the property is fully developed. Specifically, the dog park will involve regular visits to inspect for hazards and to remove garbage. Conclusion

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