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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Both of these projects

Both of these projects are scheduled to be completed at the end of July. During the first few months, the maintenance requirements will be substantially reduced, since the contractors will be looking after the plant material and most of the landscape. Conservation Authority staff have reviewed our existing work load and believe that the additional maintenance can be accommodated in the remaining 2010 operating season without hiring additional staff. Authority staff propose that the NPCA enter into a management agreement for the Station Road and Elm Street landfill sites that would extend to the end of 2010. The agreement would be modeled on the Glenridge Management Agreement, where NPCA costs are invoiced to the Region, along with a 10% administration fee. This is consistent with most fee for service agreements between the Region and the NPCA. Over the next several months, Conservation Authority staff will meet with representatives from the Region to discuss the maintenance program at all three sites (Glenridge, Station Road and Elm Street) and draft a new management agreement for consideration by the Region and the Full Authority at their respective meetings in January 2011. RECOMMENDATION: That Report Number 49-10 be received; and, That staff be authorized to enter into a management agreement for the Station Road and Elm Street sites for the remainder of the 2010 operating year. Prepared by: Darcy B. Baker - Director, Land Management Respectfully Submitted By: ___________________________________________ Tony D’Amario, P. Eng., CAO/ Secretary-Treasurer

TO: The Chairman and Members of the Authority DATE: July 14, 2010 SUBJECT: Ball’s Falls Marketing Plan – Report No. 50-10 Background Headspring Marketing Design and Quorum Communications recently completed a strategic marketing plan for the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. The plan methodology involved updating recommendations of a previous plan from 2004 and provides a review of the NPCA’s current marketing and communication initiatives. This plan is part of the Authority’s continuing efforts to enhance the overall awareness and positioning of Ball’s Falls Conservation Area and the Centre for Conservation. The consultants conducted a Niagara Region wide telephone survey in the spring 2010 to determine the awareness level of the Ball’s Falls, the Centre for Conservation and the NPCA. The ensuing marketing plan provides a strategic approach to promotion and marketing for the Conservation Area, to garner greater awareness and positioning of the conservation area within the Niagara Region. The text for the proposed marketing plan is attached and a summary of recommendations are as follows: Core Strategic Recommendations: The plan recommends a need to strengthen relationships with external stakeholders to increase awareness of Ball’s Falls in the community and build credibility for Ball’s Falls and the Centre for Conservation as a showcase of environmental stewardship and cultural heritage. These include enhancing alliances with local, regional, provincial and national tourism communities and building on current relationships with organizations such as Tourism Niagara and the Twenty Valley Tourism Association. It also notes the great opportunity we have to further develop our current relationships with the education community to enhance programming and research opportunities. The overall success of the plan will rely on the development and implementation of a fundamental marketing and communications program targeted at specific markets, rather than providing general information intended for a wider marketplace. The plan recommends pursuing the development of a Ball’s Falls micro site and utilizing social media applications (twitter, facebook, and blogs) to support the program. Rounding out these recommendations is the need to aggressively explore and develop new sources of revenue to support the programming and facilities. Visual Identity

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