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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

The NPCA has been using

The NPCA has been using the distinct Ball’s Falls “logo” since opening the Centre for Conservation in 2008. The logo contains the two words “Ball’s” and “Falls”, stacked on top of one another with the “l’s” linked to symbolize the two cataracts at Ball’s Falls. The marketing plan calls for a stronger “branding” for the site that would include the logo, along with the tagline “Discover the Undiscovered” and “Niagara’s other Falls”. These tag lines play on the international recognition of Niagara Falls and positions Ball’s Falls as an undiscovered alternative to the highly developed “Clifton Hill” experience. The branding will be supported by visuals of tranquil, natural areas. The plan strongly recommends the development of specific Ball’s Falls and Centre for Conservation marketing pieces such as utility bill inserts, a generic lure brochure, targeted marketing pieces, website presence, and merchandizing. The plan goes as far as recommending changing the name of Sixth Avenue to “Ball’s Falls Boulevard”. This is a very significant action that requires input from the Town of Lincoln and other partners in the community. Corporate Outreach The Centre for Conservation has merely scratched the surface of the corporate meeting/retreat market. Word of mouth has created steady return customers; however most of the mid-week slots remain vacant. Targeted marketing will help to build this source of revenue, especially when the facility can be promoted as a “green” option for clients. The Centre can offer a meeting with a “smaller carbon footprint” because of the way the facility is constructed, operated and maintained and will appeal to a marketplace looking for ecologically responsible options. Media Support Program Many organizations have benefitted from themed series or program of articles in local papers. It builds awareness in the community and provides a unique opportunity to communicate details that may be lost in regular media coverage. The marketing plan recommends working with local newspapers and the Twenty Valley Tourism Association to develop a series of articles promoting Ball’s Falls and the greater Twenty Valley. Our alliances with local, regional and national tourism organizations will provide opportunities for a wider circulation of these materials. Benchmarking The recent survey conducted in the spring of 2010 establishes a benchmark for comparison. We know the attitudes and awareness of the local community towards Ball’s Falls, the Centre for Conservation and NPCA. As the marketing plan is implemented, it will be important to track the outcome to determine if the initiatives are effective. Recommendations include: visitor tracking, website analysis, and visitor satisfaction surveys and frequency of media coverage. The marketing consultants recommended undertaking a subsequent survey in 2011 to compare findings. Implementation The recommended timeline for implementation is as follows:

Short Term (next four months) • Develop generic lure brochure • Develop website micro site • Develop RFP for onsite catering services • Develop corporate facilities promotional package • Develop blog for Ball’s Falls • Strengthen relationships with external stakeholders including Tourism Niagara and the Twenty Valley Tourism Association • Advance Branding Medium Term (next ten months) • Develop line of merchandising • Initiate media support program • Develop on-line products (surveys, downloads, offers) • Strengthen partnerships with educational institutions • Presentations to local businesses, groups and chambers of commerce • Develop new sources of revenue Long Term (next sixteen months) • Expand volunteer program • Conduct a second telephone survey • Review success of marketing initiatives The 2010 budget has funds allocated for marketing and promotion of Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. Activities in 2011 and beyond will depend on budget allocations and available staff resources. RECOMMENDATION: That the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area Marketing Plan 2010 be received, and; That the plan be implemented as recommended in Report No. 50-10. Prepared by: Darcy B. Baker - Director, Land Management Respectfully Submitted By: ___________________________________________ Tony D’Amario, P. Eng., CAO/ Secretary-Treasurer

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