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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

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sections in the Watershed Plan. Once complete, the Watershed Plan will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. b) Central Welland River Watershed Plan Work on the Restoration Strategy has been temporarily suspended until the completion of several studies that will be incorporated into the Watershed Plan. Work on this Watershed Plan will resume later this year. c) Beaverdams and Shriners Creek Watershed Plan Updates and finalization of Phase One are nearly complete to reflect comments submitted by the Steering Committee and members of the public. d) Upper Welland River Watershed Plan The Final Phase One: Watershed Characterization and Issues Identification Report is complete and has been posted on the NPCA website. d) Lower Welland River Watershed Plan A Terms of Reference for this study area has been submitted to the NPCA Board of Directors for their consideration. As a result of existing extensive information on the area, the nature of the land use, and the extent of land coverage by existing regulations and policies, it was determined that a Watershed Characterization would be the most valuable resource for this watershed study area as oppose to a Watershed Plan. The Watershed Characterization will provide a complete description and inventory of the watershed and its resources that can be used by NPCA staff and respective stakeholders to assist in land use management and planning decisions in the study area. Field work for the NPCA Fluvial Geomorphology Study has begun with the completion of a field assessment on the Cytec property. Cytec is one of the largest land holders in the study area and granted NPCA permission to access their property as long as staff attended a 30 minute safety course prior to being on the property. 4) Natural Areas Inventory/Heritage System The Project Management Team has completed the first draft of the Terms of Reference for the Natural Heritage Systems Project. It has been circulated for comment. The first meeting of the Steering Committee took place in June. III. Source Water Protection Division 1) Source Water Protection Plan The Proposed AR was posted on the internet on June 4, 2010 for a 30-day public viewing and commenting period which ended on July 5, 2010. Any comments that were received during the 30-day public commenting period must be forwarded to the MOE along with the Proposed Assessment Report. At the June 2010 Source Protection Authority (SPA) meeting, Mr. Drew Semple was appointed to the Source Protection Committee (SPC) to represent the public. Mr. Semple retires this month from his position as a senior planner in the Regional Policy Division at Niagara Region.

Ontario Regulation 246/10, (the Source Protection Plan (SPP) regulation) was passed by provincial cabinet and became law in June 2010. This regulation prescribes how the SPP should be developed, and what must be included in the SPP. The regulation also outlines a detailed consultation process for the SPP. The importance of protecting our drinking water sources was high-lighted this past month when a diesel spill occurred in the Welland Canal in Port Colborne, upstream of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Fortunately the spill was quickly contained. However, clean-up took several hours and the WTP intake was shut down for about 12 hours as a precaution against contaminants getting into the WTP. During the WTP shut down, Port Colborne residents were asked to conserve water as much as possible. 2) Water Quality Monitoring Program: a) Routine Water Quality Work Routine surface water quality monitoring continues at all NPCA stations until November 2010. The NPCA continues to collect groundwater level data at 15 monitoring wells as part of the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network (PGMN). Spot-flow monitoring, to compliment water quality sampling, is completed monthly at seventeen (17) stations in Forty, Twenty, Eighteen, Sixteen and Twelve Mile Creeks until November 2010. Spring benthic invertebrate sampling was completed at 11 stations, including Hamilton Airport, the Glanbrook Landfill, Frenchman’s Creek, and Thompson Creek. b) Special Water Quality Projects The Welland River Eutrophication Study is still underway. Weekly sampling and flow monitoring continues at the three problem tributaries identified by the Technical Working Group. The NPCA continues to work in partnership with the Region of Niagara and the Canadian Centre for Inland Waters in the study to determine the sources of E. coli at beaches located along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The NPCA has continues to receive applications for the NPCA Water Well Decommissioning Grant Program. 3) Other Special Projects in the Source Water Protection Division: NPCA staff have been providing technical expertise and assistance to Niagara Region Public Works for a project which entails abandoning the former St. David’s Municipal Well field. IV. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division 1) Source Water Protection Support Activities • Support requirements for this business area are now focused on populating the Assessment Report Database (ARDB) as the standard for submission of technical data back up to the provincial level, as well as organizing the overwhelming amount of technical data that was accumulated and crunched throughout the development of the report and contributing studies.

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