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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Sunday September 19,

Sunday September 19, 2010 Registration Meet and Greet Dinner at the Monterey Inn Resort and Conference Centre Monday, September 20, 2010 Travel to the heart of the Ottawa Valley and the Town of Almonte. Nestled along the Mississippi River, learn about the development challenges of an historical village dealing with modern demands. Visit Almonte’s hydro-electric station that carries on the Town’s proud tradition of waterpower and provides a modern source of “green power.” Experience the natural beauty and historic grandeur of the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area and continue through the Maple Syrup Capital of Lanark County. Enjoy lunch in the Town of Perth, known as the “Prettiest Town in Ontario,” where the streets are lined with heritage homes and shops — all within a stone’s throw of the lovely Tay River. Stroll through Perth’s Stewart and Code Parks to the Haggart Island Dams to learn about the challenges of this dam reconstruction project. Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Wind your way through the Village of Manotick to view and discuss shoreline development issues. Enjoy a paddle on the Rideau Canal — a National Historic Site of Canada, a Canadian Heritage River and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. View one of Lt.-Col. John By’s lock stations — an engineering marvel from the nineteenth century. Investigate and learn about the Baxter Conservation Area and the Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre Inspect Ottawa’s first gold LEED certified building and home of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, the Ottawa Septic System Office, Ottawa Stewardship Council and the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation. Explore the heritage, natural attractions, delightful shops and the small town hospitality of Merrickville — the “Jewel of the Rideau.” Enjoy an evening boat cruise along the Ottawa River in our Nation’s Capital. Wednesday, September 22 Breakfast Wrap-up NIAGARA PENINSULA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION Jordan Harbour Conservation Area The official opening took place on June 20 th and was well attended. Many positive comments were received about the area and the work that has been done. Almost $400 in voluntary

donations was received on opening day; to date $46,000 has been raised by the Foundation for the redevelopment of this site. Conservation Education Bursaries The Foundation Chairman and staff discussed applications received this year to determine their eligibility for a bursary. Supporting students from Fort Erie and surrounding area that are pursuing a post-secondary education in a field related to conservation and resource management, this year there were four successful applicants that will receive $1,000 each. Since 1992, 115 bursaries totaling $114,600 have been awarded as a result of the conservation education bursary program. Rock ‘N Ribs In celebration of the winery’s tenth anniversary, they will once again be hosting this event, featuring a rib dinner and private concert with renowned Canadian rock band April Wine. It will take place on September 11 th at Harbour Estates Winery. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation will be given the opportunity to host a silent auction table at this event. Over the past four years of this event, more than $10,000 has been raised. Staff is currently working to secure items and Board members are asked to assist where possible. Thanksgiving Festival The Foundation will be holding its annual raffle at this year’s Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival taking place October 8 th through 11 th . As in the past, festival artisans have been solicited for donations to include into themed gift baskets. Board members are asked to consider volunteering their time to help with ticket sales and encourage others to assist where possible, confirming any commitments with staff. Recommendation: Report No. 51-10 outlining the status of Authority projects be received for information. Respectfully Submitted by:____________________________________________ Tony D’Amario, P.Eng., CAO/Secretary-Treasurer

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