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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Conserv'etion Audrority Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conservation Area Headspring Marketing Desigr I Quorum o Position Ball's Falls Conservation Atea as a maior asset and destination in the Twenty Valley Tourism Area. o FOCLIS - marketing campaign to coqporate/business, educational, professional, government, not-for-profrt otganizanons highlighting possible uses of Centre fot Conservation (i.e., u¡orkshops, retfeats, small conferences and special events, etc.) o Position Ball's Falls Conservation Ârea as an dternative visitor/tourist destination in the Niagara tegion (and a less commerciaJizedu/aterfdl) - Niagara's OtberFall¡. Mid-LongTerm (6 tn 36 months) o Invite participation by key stakeholders in addressing educational, tecreational , cotpontefprofessional and tourism development issues, and create avenues for panicipation by these same stakeholders. o Susain existing visito¡ groups/levels, and increase visitor/tourist attendance levels and Ball's Falls Conservation Area revenue streams. STRATEGIES Public Aworeness Identifr and prioritizelocal/rcg¡onal tourism development issues and progmms that can provide Ball's Falls Conservation Area with the greatest short-term awareness gains; Associate Ball's Falls Conservation,\tea as a vital component in all activities, projects, programs, and any other underakings by key stakeholders in Twenty Valley tourism development; Make the tourism development issues facing Ball's Falls (and the Twenty VrXÐ more visible and immediate to the residents of the Jordan Valley a¡ea anð. Niagara region, and to the other key stakeholders as defined herein. Educotion & kiena'ficlProfessionol C,ommunities ¡ Strengthen/expand existing relationships and partnershiops with the key educational institutions in the Niagata region (i.e., Niagara Region and its 12 municipalities; Niagara District School Board, Niagara Catholic District School Board, B¡ock University, Niagara College, Niagara Escarpment Commission, Niagara Patks Commission) and develop variety of ioint-programs (multi-partner Page ó

Niagara Peninsula Con¡ervation Authority Marketing Phn for Ball's Falls Consenation Area Headspring Marketing Dcsþ | Quorum oppoftunities) to suppon the heriage, ecological envhonmenøl and archeologicd espects of Ball's Fdls Conservation Ârea and the Centre for Discovery. Secrrre extemal sponsorship and media suPpoft for all. STAKEHOT DERS (AUDIENCES, MARKETS) The local and regional ma¡ket areaa should be top priorities fot au¡areness initiatives. Concurrend¡ the education community, media and local business and professional community should also be a primary focus. Audiencelffiorket I t Tetgetaudiences/markets can be segmented into three geographical grouPs: i. Local market ^te -local residents within a 15-20-minute driving radius (e.g., residents of Niagata Region); all other Niagara tesidents, including "outdoor enthusiasts." ü. Regional market area, being loc¿tions between 20- to 60 minute-ddve, e.g., residents of the Greater Bay Area (Hamilton-Halton). Some of the more than two million annual visitors to the Twenty Valley tourism area, including visito¡s to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake; and, visitors to every membe¡ of Twenty Valley Toutism Association üi. Toudst market area: being any origin more 60-minute drive from the site (e.g., Toronto/GTÂ, Westem New York). o Visiting Family and Relatives (VFRs) market o CoachTous iv. The education community, including Niagara District School Board, Niagara Catholic District School Board, Brock Univetsiç and Niagara College Audiencelffio¡kct 2 ! Niagara Region business and professional community (e.g., chambers of commerce, Ventue Niagara, HR and ¡elated professional associations, union locals, retailers, BIAs, Mounain Co-op StorQ ¡ Ptiority l/ongoing-Media Page 7

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