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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Marketing Phn for Ball's Falls Conservation Area Headspring Marketing Design I Quorum Wordmark Rationale - Building a powerful PercePtion of a quality exPer¡ence For the corporate identity of the Bdl's Falls Conservation Area, the final desþ was derived from its physical characteristics. The two waterfalls of Ball's Falls are reflected in the wordmark by linking the two lettef "l's", cascading from one word to the other. The result is a fluid desþ that tells the story of the upper and lower falls a gl^îce. This creares a sophisticated desþ with wit. It intrigues the viewer who ^t has not experienced Ball's Fdls to investigate further. To the visitot who has experienced Ball's Falls it is a s)¡mbol that something has changed. Most people have heard of Niagara Falls, but they may be totally ururware of other waterfalls in the Niagara Region. The tagline "Niagara's Other Falls" is used to d¡aw the viewer in and entices them to exPlofe aNiaganfølls they may never have heard about. It also functions as a point of pride fo¡ local residents who are aware of the unique narural beauty of Bdl's Falls. Blue was chosen for the design because it is the colour of both water and leadership (think blue ribbon awards etc.). Positiotitg it as strong and confident. The letterforms chosen afe sans serif and lend a contemPofary look to the wordmark. A gradation has been added to the cascading "l's" to visually communicate the dimensional aspect of the falls. The colour palette has been intentionally testricted to a datk shade to have maximum impact against a white background. The secondary colour for use on signage was chosen because of its strong contrast. It is used to strongly articulate information for the visitor. Morketing Togline Þ;=.ovet/ the L)ndí=êêvet ed The marketing tagline 'Di¡coïer tbe (Jndi¡coaercd" is recommended to accompany all Ball's Falls marketing communications and programs. The playful phtase is used to encourage and entice Niagara residents to visit both Ball's Falls Conservation Area and the Ball's Falls Centre for Conservation. The agline suggests to residents and other potential visitors that there may be many things unknown to them at the Ball's Fall site, and it also plays into the NPCA's "Discovet, Connect, Understand" branding, as well es the piovince of Onario's 'Yours to discove/'matketing øgline. Page l0

Niagara Peninsula Conscrvetion Auôorþ Marketing Phn for Ball's Falls Consenation Area Hcadspring Markctin¡ Dcs¡gn I Quorum Signage Landmark maps at Ball's Fdls,Jordan Village, Prudhommes I¿nding to show and identifr area amenities, etc. and to establish a presence. Hamilton Harbour Bay Atea ,tccess Maps and the Wate¡ftont Trail system ate excellent exa-mples of welldesþed, infomrative signage. MARKET I NG CO M MU N'CAT'ONS MAT EN îJS Priority lterns * r Corporate "Med¡a" Kit * Develop t nge of print materials (and e-formats) that provide overview of Ball's ^ Falls Conservation Area awætions - heritage, archeological, environmentd and natural/ecological. Kits can be customized for each arget stakeholder group, e.9., education community, media, corporate sector fot events, activities and sponsorship, etc. Launch corpor teforganizational initiative to taise av¡areness of Ball's Falls Centre ^ for Conservation rental oppornrnities mgdi¿ kit to include letter, overview of - Centre facilities (rooms, czpacity,etc), article ftom professional joumd, Ball's Falls/NPCA infotmation) RFP the catering for Cenue for Conservation and select three findists from which users may choose (need to establish specific criteria) . Utility Bill lnserts * Develop small flyers to be inserted in bimonthly utility bills of aJ|72 municþalities of Niagara region. fnserts to include key messages about energy arid wâter conservadon, the NPC,A. or Ball's Falls micro website URLs, and agline: discover the undiscovered. I Generic Lure Brochure * Lure brochure on Ball's Falls Consen'ation Area with all the activities, etc. (as well as a possible separate brochure for the Centre for Conservation) ---uitable for placement in tourism racks and mailings. Page I I

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