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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Conservation AuthorÇ Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conserrr¿tion Area Headspring Marketing Design I Quorum Postcard Series * Develop a 6 to 10 postcard series (i.e., print and electronic) for various audiences to raise awareness of Ball's Falls Conservation Area in general, and to promote specific activities, events, seasonal attractions, programs, etc. Website I Micro-site * Develop a Ball's Falls Conservation,{tea micro-website (within NPCA site) and position the website as an information-rich, interactive community resource. The NPCA website, particularþ as it relates to Ball's Falls Conservation Area, is underutilized as a communication resource. On the fnternet, there is ^very limited amount of information available about Ball's Falls, and they are from a limited number of private, unendorsed sources (e.g., academics, local businesses, tecreational otganizations, students). Consequentl¡ outside otgznizatons and/or persons are "definingt' Ball's Falls and the Ball's Falls experience - instead of the NPCA and Ball's Fall saff. They also define the "online" perception of Ball's Falls as a potential destination. NPCA must take advantzge of the oppoftunity of become the authoriadve and all-encompassing online information source about Ball's Falls Conservation Area (e.g., secure and Information about Ball's Falls Conservation Area (and Twenty Valley) on the Intemet is fragmented and wideþ dispersed. Although a Google search on the World tü(/ide Web using the words "Ball's Falls" or "Twenty Valley" resulted in a long list of web addresses, the NPCA's search tesult was 10ù. None of these websites had hyperlinks to the NPC,{, website. N Page 12

Ni¡¡ara Pcninsula Con¡crvation AuóorÇ Marketing Plan br Dall's Falls Con¡erution Arca Hcadgring Marlcting Dcsittt I Quorum The website should be one of the primarl'lesources and destinations for information on conservation and related issues. Links to ¡elated organizations and siæ should be included as secondary pop-up windows. News and announcements should be uploaded frequently. Develop a 10 to 2Oquestion online knowledge srúvey that visito¡s can complete to evaluate thei¡ au¡ateness/underst¿nding levels of conservation. Once completed, participants get e score and also a one-day ftee pass to visit Ball's Falls and the Cenre for Conservation. Demographic infonnation collected would include çnder, age group and thei¡ municþality in which they Ïve. The ftee pass would be sent to theL email address where they can pdnt out Each pass would be numbered to prevent duplication. L¿unch an NPCA and/or Bdl's Falls Cenue for Conservation YouTube channel. In addition, social media should be inco¡porated into the ove¡all marketing of Ball's Falls and the Centre fo¡ Conservation (i.e., Facebook). Medie Suppon Progrem * Explore oppornrnity to have major daily newspaper(s) of Niagata region produce a special series on Ball's Falls Conservation Ate{Twenty Valley similar to The Hamilton Specr¿tor's series on the resto¡ation of Hamilton Harbour @ringing Back the Bay, November 2002). Brending Progrem * Implement Ball's Falls branding to begin awareness campaign (e.g., Mngara\ Oilur Falb a¡td Discoan thu undiscoaneQ fuc 13

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