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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Conserration Authorþ Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conseration Area Headspring Marketing Desip I Quorum Moantain Eqrþnent Co+p (MEC) opporhrnity to list events (outdoor nature themed activities) for free; link to - discovery centre website if permined. Ontaio lYater Consenøtion Alliance coalition of citizens, non-govemmental organizations - and business working on a comprehensive ìüatef consen¡ation and efficiency strategy; advocates fol a water consewation and oppornmities ,tct for Onario; Conservation Onario is already a member as well as many other high profile orgznizaions (; there may be many opportunities to work cooperativeþ with this organtzaion and use the Centre for Conservation as a showcase for various initiatives Tomnto. ltiking. ca; Canadian Geograpbic S ociej; Ardabon S ocie!; Nalional Gngrapbic Socieþt N¿l¿.'While the Audubon and National Geogtaphic Society ate U.S.-based, it may be worthwhile to investigate possible opportunities, e.g.: displays, speakers, educational materials, etc. Ball's Falls Centre for Conservat¡on Corporate Program * A cotporate event program could be developed to entice local and rcgional organizations þrivate, public and not-fot-profit) to utilize the Ball's Falls Conservation Area and the Cenue for Conservation facilities for short retreats (i.e., one-day or less), off-site meetings, visitors toufs, events, etc. Open houses could be held to engâge members of the business community to come out and see what the Centre for Conservation offers. Volunteer Program * Develop a neu¡ volunteer progmm, e.g., Friends of Ball's Falls Consen¡ation Area, perhaps also u¡ith a donations mandate. Although Ball's Falls has an active volunteef base, many volunteeis afe \¡/om out from intensive events and effons at peak periods such as Christmas. Younger volunteers and cross-training of volunteers is needed, panicularþ to cover illness. Ball's Falls relies on its volunteer complement heavily. Volunteers need to be trained to deal with safety issues, dialogue with parents, and be familiar with curent policies to deal with va¡ious "situations" on site. The limited søff compliment for Ball's Falls continually puts pressure on the planning of events or educationd progtamming. No volunteer coordinator or education coordinator exists at Ball's Falls but do at other Authorities' facilities þerhaps do a comparative review/analysis of other Consewation Areas and best practices). Page 16

Ni4ara Peninsula Consertation Authority Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conse¡vation Area Headspring Markcting Design I Quorum Educational Programs * Educational progrâms and facilities could be closeþ (and formally) linked to Brock University, Ni"gata College, as q'ell as secondary and community education programming. Programs must be tailored to suit the education system curriculum and to suit the reachers'needs that this would increase participation and attendance levels. r Education Community brochure/information kit (e.g., to suppott curriculum, outdoor education, trips, events, etc.) r Ttails Program - A seasonal trail progtam used some years ago could be reinst¿ted to esablish a trail program fot schools, one for each season (summer, fall, autumn, winter), as well as a teacher handbook and student guides. Potential for seniors' tours (t"ppirg a Niagara market) and creating corporate getau/ays geared to recteational and educational facilities were highlighted. An idea for an elder hostel program with educational programs (training) was also discussed. Opponniry tu engage post-secondør1 irstitations þødents and professors) as pmgrøm parlners. . NPCr{, Student Scholarship/Research Grants for studies focused on some aspect of Ball's Falls Conservation Area/Twenty Valley issue/asset (e.g., natural, environmental ot earth sciences, watershed managemenq towism, etc.) Co-operative or major project component required for both the scholarship ctiteria and the student's post-second^ry prcgtam. Brock and McMaster universities and Niagara College to be tarçt partners. Solicit corporate or otganizztonal sponsorship of scholarships /progan. I Explore opportunity to expand Centre for Conservation - establish outdoor education classes at Ball's Falls through partnetship with boards of education/Region of Niagara. r Expand secondary school student involvement thto"gh co-op programs, volunteer gtaduation tequirements; expanded day camp. r "Discove¡ the undiscovered" elemenary school orientation program. Coordinate amongst all Niagara region elementåry schools (i.e., grades 6 to 8, and possibly a similar high school progtam). Snrdents must seek out and discover various ecological iæms (i.e., trees, plants, wildlife, \ilater-relâted topics, geological and geogaphical landmarks, etc), as well as hedage and archeologicd landmarks (i.e., Bdl homestead, etc.), ake photos of their discoveries, ¡eseatch them, and develop e rePort zndf or presentation for class. Page 17

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