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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conserv¿tion Area Headspring Marketing Design I Quorum Partnership Program * Establish new partnerships withJordan/Niagata region community organÞations, including business and wineries, envirorimental and ecological otgenizeaons, service clubs, recteational organizations, arts and professional organizations. Sponsor or cosponsor a special forum or speaker series on tourism development fot the TVTA and Jordan business community. Could be held in spring or eady autumn at Ball's Falls Conservation r{rea bam, catered by area establishments. Establish a partnership with local organizations that ere associated with people with disabilities. The development and construction of wheelchair accessible trails u¡ill not only be newsworthy and a valuable asset to the community, it will also create significant new revenue opportunities. Resource Development (Fundraising) Program * To enhance revenue opporrunities, develop a Resource Development Progmm, including donation and sponsorship initiatives, and fundtaising. Partner with the NPC Foundation if/where apptopriate, and other service clubs. Special attention should be paid to oppornrnities with the Onario Trillium Foundation - a potential source of funding. Tzrgetother foundations and institutions fo¡ grants/donations for capital proiects, short-term staffifrg, marketing communications programs, etc. Launch a "highend" speaker series (..g., 4 to 8 events throughout yeat) to be held at the Centre for Conservation to raise funds, awareness, etc. Each speaker event could include a full tour of the Centre prior to speaker. Joint Venture Marketing Program Esøblish a joint programs committee or establish a process to have regular meetings between marketing and communications staff from key sakeholders/patmers (e.g., NPCA, Twenty Vdley Tourism Association, Niagara Escaqpment Commission, Tourism Niagata, Hamilton Conservation Âuthority, Conservation Halton, Royal Botanical Gardens), to identi$r common issues/challenges and to determine opportunities for shared or co-operative communications progtams, special events, media telations, key message development, political lobbying. Dry River Program Establish a summer-long dry river progtam focusing on up-close visits to the Ball's Falls rock strata and watershed management pfograms that reflect the changes to the water able since the time of the Ball family's establishment of the mill. The program could be called "A Waterfall for.All Seasons." Page 18

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Auôority Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conservation Area Headspring Marketing E)esþ | Quorum Event Management Protram Develop event sponsorshiP Program (media and coqporate Programs): . 'Art in tbe Pat*" - Establish program to featwe local Niagara-area artists weekly or bi-weekly in a gallery fashion to enhance ambience, experience of Centre, thetefore, extending event life year-round. . 'Mrcic and MotherNature" - lfzys sr¡mmef series of classical music concerts or theatre on certâin days of the week in July/rtugust (with members of orchestral or small theatre groups from Niagata tegion, including Shaw and sudents). r Twenty Valley rù(/interfest Ice Síine Festival - In conjunction with Taenfl Vøþ Totrism Association (tndTwenty Valley wineries), develop an outdoor ice wine festival parallel to Niagara region's latget festival, but focus on Twenty Valleya¡ea wineries this could eventually be held in Cenue for Conservation, at Prudhommes Landing or somewhere in Jordan (f a location /faclrty exists). r Sponsor an annual '\lztef' and'/ot "\üíatershed Management" conference, speaker series, etc. in conjunction with pannet stakeholde¡s in both private and public sectors. Possible partnership oPPoftunity with the Onta¡io rùlater Conservation Alliance. r A wine and/or a waterfall tour with a shutde to the lake, partnered wi¡h Hanilton kgto, Consenation Attltorig Sporting and Outdoors Activities . 'ßall's Fall¡ AnntaølTrail Hike" -Develop/launch an annual fundtaising event. Event coutd begin/end at Ball's Falls atd/ot Prudhommes Landing/Jordan Harbour. Mounain Co-op Store is an examPle of a possible sponsof for such an event. r Have NPCFomdation deveþ plan/events to raise fr¡nds fot restoretion/revamping of Ball house, bam, and other structures (e.9., conversion of Ball house into a gift shop and/or on-site café). r Partner with Atbhtics Ontørio a¡rd Atlthtics Candda to host and promote the Ontario Cross Country Championships, the Canadian Cross Country Championships, and eventually the rülodd Cross Country Championships. fue 19

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