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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Conserrr¿tion AuttrorÇ Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conserr¿tion Area Headspring Marketing Design I Quon¡m A major effort to engege Niagara media is necessary to begin to iâise ar¡/areness of Ball's Falls Conservation Arca aftractions, activities, plograms, as well as the Cente for Conservation. Several marketing plans have been developed over the past few years, however, none have been fully implemented, nor has any formal evaluation measures/tracking been conducted. A mote recent marketing and communications plan that was developed for NPCA by Mitchell Westlake provides lots of discussion items but is very generic in content and deails (i.e., not stretegic ot specific in terms of how to implement) -there is also no tesearch or analysis to support this plan's recommendations. ,tmong the recommendations, the use of billboards/outdoor advertising seems inappropriate/ineffective considering the small budget aval/izble for marketing, and the criticd need to raise awateness and est¿blish benchmarks. This plan does not contain measurable goals/objectives. The budget appears out of sync with NPCA's budget realities. It offers no rationale or andysis for identified target markets, nor does it address tourist ot niche markets beyond Niagara region e¡þs¡ areas missing in the plan - include, visitor experience, website effectiveness, use of Intemet, and partnership development. Trockingl Meoswement Achievement of Gook ' In terms of evaluaingvzffic to the Cenue for Conservadon, some information is collected on visitors, users, events, etc., however, the information is not categodzed or centralized in any daabase for ongoing analysis ¡þs¡s is a need to develop templates fot - uacking demographics, paid visitors, corporate events,/retreats, revenues, etc. Twenty Volley Tourism Associor,bn (TWA) ' Twenty Vdley Tourism ,{ssociation receives $10,000 from NPCA to support its marketing efforts yet no TVTA marketing or communications plan exists, nor is the value for the money tracked/reported. There does not appear. to be any measurable value for the $10,000. NPCA should discontinue this annual contribution or reduce it subsantially and ¡edirect the funds into marketing and communications for Ball's Falls and other NPCÂ marketing progrrims. ' The last four issues of TVIrt newsletter were reviewed - and concluded that nothing of vdue or substance was published to support Ball's Falls Conservation Area, Ball's Falls Centre for Conservation or the NPCA in general. Page2l

Niagaa Peninsula Conserv¿tion AuúorÇ Marketing Phn for Ball's Falls Conservation Area Headspring Marketing Desþ | Quorum . Twenty Valley newsletters carry little or no content of alrry value in support of Ball's Falls or NPCA,, but rather plomote the wineries,Jordan Village metchants and pdvate sector members more so the only significant reference to Ball's Falls was the Fall newsletter - with a small story about the annual Thanksgiving Festivd. . News releases do not give Ball's Falls any focus or positioning and consequently there has been litde or no media coverage itt *y of Niagara's newspapers, publications or broadcast media. There seems to be litde engagement with the Niagara media in general. Website . The NPCA v¡ebsite is sparse in terms of content compared to other conservation areas (e.g., Hamilton, Halton, Grand Bend, Credit Valle¡ Essex Region). Vhile the website desþ is atüactive, it could use a make-over and incoqporate a more intetactive, mictosite. A blog could be added to engage Niagata region residents, NPCA/Ball's Falls visitors and tourists alike v¡ho visit NPCA destinations. . Metrics should be established to evaluate website activity (.e., unique visitors, visitations, key pages, downloads, etc.). Ball's Falls Conservation r\rea should also have its own micro site domain within NPCA site (e.g., and/or u'v' Bronding . "Discover, Connecg Understand" teg.line for NPCA may be too generic and inappropriate for Ball's Fdls there is no "call to action" to bring people to Centre for - Conservation or the NPCA website for mote information on programs and activities. Thete are three separate actions in the øgline as opposed to a single call to action. Opportunltlcs Benchmotking o Establish benchmarks fot a nnge of issues (i.e., awareness/undersanding of NPCA, destinations (Ball's Falls) through telephone poll and/or sunrey with Niagara Region employees (tepresenting microcosm of Niagara Region) . Collabo¡ate with Niagata Region (i.e., Sman Gardening Plogram' eco-green programs/policies, Niagara Padrs Commission, etc. to "spread costs" of regular/annual polling/suwey over larger stakeholder group with similar interests/need for publc perception on environment-related issues Page 25

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