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Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Agenda - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Niagara Peninsula Consery¿tion Authorþ Marketing Plan for Ball's Falls Conservation Area Headspring Marketing Design I Quon¡m The Ball's Falls Centre for Conservation can be positioned as the best centte for information regarding all aspects of conse¡¡ation, environmenal heritage (i.e., develop a self-assessment tool for website visitors that enables them to evaluate their awareness, understanding, etc. of the environment, green living, etc. Tracking book (with templates) provide visitors with a "visitor card" that enables - them to complete an online survey and receive a"temporzry pass" for their next visit to Ball's Falls (i.e., a thank you for completing survey). Public Relotions I ltledio Relorrons ' Diverse and more consistent public relations, including a mzjor focus on media relations with Niagara region's three daily ne\¡spapers, Niagara This lVeek, and VIEW Mzgazine (formerþ PULSE), as well as TVCOGECO and CHCH TV. ' Strengthen relationship with Niagara media representetive, e.g., Matthew Van Dongeon at St. Catharines Søndard (the Environment and Region beat reporter as well as Osprey Media Environmental G¡een Team) ' Establish a "Friends of Ball's Falls" program on Facebook, other appropriate social media ' Greater awareness through more and better positioning of signage thtoughout the region and within the Ball's Falls Conservarion.,{rea. ¡ Encourage use of Cenüe fo¡ Conservation for Niagara "public announcements" relating to green initiatives, the environment, etc. by all levels of government, not-foi-plofit organizations, private sector, etc. Reyenue-Eyen t Generotion ' Review of admission fees Visitots coming for outdoor activities such as hiking and - trails should receive a reduced rate or a special card that enables them to visit frequently without regular fees. ¡ Increase awareness of Centre for Conservation facility for corporate and organizatsond, meetings, events, parties, etc. through organizanonal planning "kits." o Increase business and coqporate meetings, retreats, workshops, Christmas parties, etc. (i.e., a push marketing campaign to include lettets, media kit, etc. via chambers of commerce, professional associations, union locals, community otgantzaions and clubs, boards of education,libraries, municipalities, Niagan College and Brock University, notfor-profit organizations, L[HN/healthcare, etc) - conducr amaior targeted Page 26

Niagara Peninsula Conscnation Auóority Marketing Phn for Ball's Falls Conservation Are¿ Headspring Marketing Desigt I Quorum mul/marketing program, including a follow-up telephone camPaign to ensrúe kits were received, etc. Generating fevenue through the gift store: coffee/beverages, guides, nature-related books, selected clothing, etc. perhaps outsource/RFP gift shop to outdoors/nature - retailer and receive a percentage of sdes/revenue as saffing/purchasing items is bette¡ done by those with experience/in the business. RFP for caterers to generate revenue and have consistent quatity could perhaps have - a group of carere¡s ro choose from (e.g., thtee different est¿blishments/business). Criteria for selecting final caterers should reflect not only the ability to ptovide z variety of food and beverage offerings, but also reflect the 'þeen and envitonmental-ftiendly'' values of NPC.,{ and Ball's Falls Centre for Conservation. The contracts could be for a three-yeat period and then be tendered fot the next three-year period. Deveþ a tiered renAl pricing stfategy for various types of events, organizations; corporare, public sector, not-for-profit, individuals - e.g., special discounted Progrems for not-for-proûts, students, public sector' nature-envitonmental grouPs Develop or parmer with organizations to cteate annual community-wide fundraising event. Pornenhþs . Enhance existing and build neq,r partnerships: Twenty Valle¡ NEC, Bruce Trail, Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Region and its 12 municipalities, boards of educatior¡ Brock University and Niagata College, sports and outdoors organizations, nanre-related associations, etc. . Promote Ball's Falls Centre for Conservation as "the" centre in Niagara region for 'þeen" initiatives, community workshops, public and/ot govemment afulonncements, activities, conferences, special events' etc. . Increase educational programming: new educational progtam kits (e.g., Brock, Niagara, boards of education)i partner with curriculum developers and the boatds of education . Establish a volunteer Program to deveþ and recruit volunteers. Communkotions . More standardized print communication materials (e.g., posærs, brochutes, flyer desþ); critical to develop sandard templates for dl print and electronic marketing Page27

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