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American III Corps, 27 August 1918 - CGSC

American III Corps, 27 August 1918 - CGSC

107th Field Artillery

107th Field Artillery (1353/1385) 108th Field Artillery (1409/1679) 109th Field Artillery (1320/1373) 103rd Trench Mortar Battery Division Troops: 107th Machine Gun Battalion (368/360) 103rd Engineers (1434/1452) Divisional Support Troops (3023/3735) 103rd Train Headquarters & MP 103rd Ammunition Train 103rd Engineer Train 103rd Supply Train 103rd Sanitary Train 109th Field Hospital 110th Field Hospital 111th Field Hospital 112th Field Hospital 109th Ambulance Co 110th Ambulance Co 111th Ambulance Co 112th Ambulance Co 103rd Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop American 32nd Division: Infantry Brigade 125th Infantry Regiment (2731/2040) 126th Infantry Regiment (3177/1821) 120th Machine Gun Battalion (689/624) Infantry Brigade 127th Infantry Regiment (3286/2129) 128th Infantry Regiment (3277/1734) 121st Machine Gun Battalion (719/718) 55th Artillery Brigade 119th Field Artillery (1318/1611) 120th Field Artillery (709/823) 121st Field Artillery (1190/1386) 107th Trench Mortar Battery Division Troops: 119th Machine Gun Battalion (370/351) 107th Engineers (1602/1548) Divisional Support Troops (6859/5738) 107th Train Headquarters & MP 107th Ammunition Train 107th Engineer Train 107th Supply Train 107th Sanitary Train Field Hospital Field Hospital Field Hospital Field Hospital Ambulance Co Ambulance Co Ambulance Co Ambulance Co 107th Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop 2

Attached: 335th Machine Shop Truck Unit Mobil Laboratory SSU Section 611 SSU Section 578 147th Field Artillery (unknown) Artillery of the French 127th Division Artillery of the French 1st Moroccan Division French 278th Aero Squadron French 29th Balloon Company 30 Tanks French 1st Moroccan Cavalry Division (1 sqn) American 77th Division: 153rd Infantry Brigade 305th Infantry Regiment (3370/2738) 306th Infantry Regiment (3474/2647) 305th Machine Gun Battalion (730/664) 154th Infantry Brigade 307th Infantry Regiment (3406/3003) 308th Infantry Regiment (3364/2414) 306th Machine Gun Battalion (741/661) 152nd Artillery Brigade 304th Field Artillery (1485/1451) 305th Field Artillery (1467/1435) 306th Field Artillery (1739/1669) 302nd Trench Mortar Battery Division Troops: 304th Machine Gun Battalion (359/342) 302nd Engineers (1546/1538) Divisional Support Troops (4553/4546) 302nd Train Headquarters & MP 302nd Ammunition Train 302nd Engineer Train 302nd Supply Train 302nd Sanitary Train 305th Field Hospital 306th Field Hospital 307th Field Hospital 308th Field Hospital 305th Ambulance Co 306th Ambulance Co 307th Ambulance Co 308th Ambulance Co 302nd Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop Attached: French 10th Dragoon Regiment Historical Division, Dept of the Army, United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919, Military Operations of the American Expeditionary Forces, Washington, DC, 1948. Copyright GFN 1992 3

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