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103 kb in pdf format - cip-eseap

103 kb in pdf format - cip-eseap

It can be noted from the

It can be noted from the table that the highest income generated was P838,620.00 by a farmer under category 4 followed by P431,200 earned by a farmer under category 2. Both farmers were from Tarlac. The table further shows that the farmers in all the lahar depth categories earned income from various sources and they survived. As to the comparison of income between the two provinces studied, Table 9 has the details. Table 9. Comparative data on the estimated income of farmer-respondents by province. Difference Particulars Tarlac Zambales P % No. of Cases 120 34 Estimated Average Income from: On-farm sources Highest income Lowest income P 76,710 331,200 3,000 P 37,296 116,100 2,440 P 39,414 215,100 560 106 185 23 Off and Non-farm Sources: Highest income Lowest income 54,384 751,120 1,000 28,358 190,000 700 26,026 561,129 700 92 295 43 Obviously, Tarlac farmers generated more income compared to farmers in Zambales both on-farm and off-farm and non-farm sources. Regarding on-farm sources, farmers from Tarlac lahar laden areas earned an average income of P76,710 while Zambales farmers generated P37,296 or a difference of P39,414 which is equivalent to 106% higher than the Zambales farmers. From off and non-farm sources there was a difference of P 26,026 between their income and this is about 92% in favor of farmers in Tarlac. On the whole, the difference was P68,761 or 110%. Similarly, farmers in Tarlac got the highest income bracket from all sources. For instance, from on-farm activities, a farmer in Tarlac from lahar depth category 2 (1-1.5 m) got an income of P331,200 while in Zambales the highest that the farmer got was P116,100 which is 185% lower. From off/non-farm sources, the highest in Zambales was P190,000 which was generated by a farmer from category 1. On the other hand, the highest in Tarlac was obtained by a very enterprising farmer from category 4 who got an income of P751,120 or 295% more than the highest in Zambales. The same trend was observed in terms of lowest income. On the whole, the highest earner in Tarlac got a total income of P838,620 and the highest in Zambales got a total income of P264,720. The difference was P573,900 which is equivalent to 217%.

Level of Living of the Farmer-Respondents Households Level of living refers to the possession and utilization of high quality goods and materials associated with higher status. This aspect was also looked into in this research. Level of living (LOL) was determined by a list of indicators which were valued and assessed by the participants as important possessions in their lives. The indicators were as follows: • Home ownership and type of construction • Area of the house and homelot • Lighting system • Source of drinking water • Toilet facilities • Household facilities, amenities, and appliances • Farm equipment, working animals, and implements owned • Cooking facilities • Vehicles owned In quantifying these indicators, points were assigned to each item based on its monetary value and importance to the participants. The points assigned to each indicators possessed by the farmer were added and likewise coded. Scores obtained by the farmers were distributed into three categories, namely: High Level of Living Average Level of Living Low Level of Living Table 10 below shows the distribution of the respondents to the different categories of level of living. Table 10. Level of living of the farmer-respondents. Level of Living Lahar Depth Categories 1 2 3 4 Total No. % No. % No. % No. % No. % High 11 20 7 17 3 21 11 20 30 19 Average 13 24 5 23 4 29 13 23 37 24 Low 30 56 18 60 7 50 32 57 87 57 TOTAL 54 100 30 100 14 100 56 100 154 100 After doing all the necessary computations, it was revealed that majority (87 or 57%) of the farmer-respondents belonged to low level of living. Almost one-fourth (37 or 24%) had average level of living and almost one fifth (30 or 19%) reached the category

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