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ARC - Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education - CUNY

ARC - Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education - CUNY


The Gateway program provided many things my high school couldn't. It opened doors to opportunities and exposed me to a world that I probably would not have seen until I went to college. Bomopregha Julius Science Skills Center, Class of 2005 Cornell University, Class of 2009 Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Funds Health & Nutrition In 2006, with a grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Gateway launched a fitness and nutrition initiative. The program’s approach to fighting diabetes and obesity is designed to empower high school students to make a difference and have an impact in their community. The work has continued this year at the Gateway programs at A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin Educational Complex (BREC). With the help of the Gateway publishing team, students at Randolph designed and distributed a trifold brochure outlining the link between diabetes and obesity. The brochures were distributed to students, staff, and faculty at Randolph as well as nearby institutions including Wadleigh Secondary School, School for the Physical City, Choir Academy and Mott Hall Middle School. Students create artwork for the inaugural exhibit at the AMA Gallery at Bayard Rustin Educational Complex. The students at BREC focused their outreach and education on creating the inaugural exhibit for the school’s Art and Music Academy Gallery. The show entitled “Perspectives in Diabetes Prevention and School Wellness Policy“ opened on May 21 featuring Students from A. Philip Randolph created and distributed a brochure on diabetes and obesity. student work under the direction of teaching artists-inresidence Melinda Marx and Tali Nagler. The students explored how multimedia art can be used for a better understanding of health and the body. As Gateway senior Angelina Herrera noted, “When we started, I thought it would be fun to work on an art-related project. What I learned is that it is so critical to get this information out to the community. We might be eating ourselves to death, but we can do something about it by telling others.” 6

I couldn’t believe that I was standing right there in the surgery with the whole medical team, scrubbed and ready. My internship really reinforced my desire to be a surgeon. It was an amazing experience and inspiration to work hard. Daniele Rojas A. Philip Randolph, Class of 2010 Gateway Medical House at A. Philip Randolph The Gateway Medical House entered its second year at A. Philip Randolph High School. Approximately 100 students received first-hand exposure to the wide range of careers in the health care professions. Tenth graders attended monthly rounds at Harlem Hospital where they shadowed health care professionals, even attending a surgery inside the operating room. Another favorite activity was a forensics class and lab at Bronx Community College where the students took an abbreviated version of the New York Police Department’s forensics exam. The ninth graders also attended monthly sessions at Harlem Hospital learning about the various departments, as well as workshops at the DNA Learning Center, Hunter College and Mount Sinai School of Medicine where they dissected a human liver, a bird heart, and even got to splint each other with help from the Department of Orthopedics. Among other highlights was a trip to Philadelphia for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers Convention and National Science Bowl Competition. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Gateway Medical House is a partnership among the Gateway Institute for Pre- College Education, the NYC Department of Education, the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, Hunter College, Bronx Community College, and. Harlem Hospital. STAR@Erasmus Sophomores from the Gateway Medical House proudly display certificates awarded in a ceremony at Harlem Hospital on Wednesday, May 21. Congratulations go to the second graduating class from STAR@Erasmus, a small school created in 2005 in partnership with the Gateway Institute, Brooklyn College and the NYC Department of Education. STAR expanded in 2006-2007 to include grades 6 through 12. Special recognition goes to Jaylene Saul, one of only 45 students nationwide to receive a LEDA scholarship, the renowned national program that sends 11th graders to the Leadership Summer Institute at Princeton. We would also like to recognize the leadership of founding principal Henrietta Coursey, who retired June 2008. 7

ARC - Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education - CUNY
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