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Interview to Sidelong International Electrical (China) Co. Ltd - IEI ...

Interview to Sidelong International Electrical (China) Co. Ltd - IEI ...

high technical water

high technical water heaters manufacturer in Asia, which provide customers with sufficient hot water and heating. “Start from service, no end of satisfaction”, Sidelong has won the favour of consumers for its spotless quality product and perfect service. Adhering to the corporate concept of high quality, specialization and internationalization, the staff has fully devoted itself to enhancing the living conditions of the people in 21st Century. The company has nine departments, including: personnel, financial, OEM, sale, purchasing and planning, processing, manufacturing, research and developing department, and quality control department. There are 430 employees, the employees with middle and high professional title account for more than 25%. Our technology With the introduction of internationally advanced production equipments, Sidelong has provided a fundamental guarantee for manufacturing safe and quality water heaters. Our company in particular is equipped with: 
 Plasma welding machine for vertical line: Supplied by JETLINE Aerospace Welding Engineering Company affiliated to USA ITW International Group (Top 500 in the world), it is used to weld the body of tank. With the top plasma welding technique in the world, the welds are neat and smooth. Tandemig double-gun welding machine for round line:It is supplied by USA Lincoln International Electrical Company, an international top company in the power supply for welding and one of the three major leading companies in USA. The equipment is mainly used for round welding of the cylinder with the domes. The double-gun welding technique is an internationally advanced patent welding technique introduced for the first time and exclusively by Sidelong Company domestically. Power supply for plasma welding: It is supplied by USA Thermadyne Holding Corp., which is an international supplier for specialized plasma power supply equipment and a top company in the technology in the power supply for welding internationally and one of the three major leading companies in welding us USA, with a unique leading and authoritative capacity in the welding field and a high reputation internationally The rolling and flanging system for tank: It is supplied by USA JLC, an internationalized supplier for specialized auxiliary welding equipment with abundant experience in this field.

The welding machine for water nozzle hanger: It is supplied by USA MILLER Company, a specialized manufacturer in the power supply for welding, welding equipment and technology internationally and one of the three major leading manufacturers in the welding field in USA The sandblasting machine for tank: It is supplied by Germany Munk Schmiz Company, a supplier of specialized sandblasting system equipment with a very high system automation and technological maturity. The spraying enamel equipment: It is supplied by Germany Wagner Itep Company, a world top manufacturer specialized in powder spraying equipment and system, leading in the high-pressure static powder spraying technology globally. The suspension conveying line to furnace: It is supplied by German Eisenmann Company, one of the largest logistic equipment furnance and system companies in Europe with logistic suspension conveying heating treatment equipment experience and history for nearly one hundred years. Enamel firing furnace: It is supplied by German Eisenmann Company, one of the largest logistic equipment and system companies in Europe with top enamel shaping and sintering technology. Tunnel pretreatment line: It is supplied by USA Jensen Group, a specialized coating equipment manufacturer with design, contracting experience for multiple large-scale household appliances enterprises and in related coating system equipment and with the industrial leading static coating technology and fully automated control mode. Tunnel powder-spraying line: It is supplied by German Wagner Itep Company, a world top manufacturer specialized in coating and powder spraying equipment and system. Adopting the high-pressure static technology, the quality is among the best in the world. High-pressure foaming machine: It is supplied by USA Cusmer Machinery Company, a specialized foaming equipment supplier in the world. The system is highly automated and much better than the homemade equipment in the low maintenance level and high reliability. It possesses the closed loop flow control technology and unique high-pressure foaming gun unit. The logistic conveying system for general assembly: It is supplied by Malaysian Selango Machinery Company, a main logistic line supplier for Japanese Panasonic, Sanyo companies and a specialized logistic system equipment manufacturer. Our products As said before, our products are safe and have a good quality level. They are characterized by: • Anti-pressure of tank 0.8Mpa, higher 33.3% than 0.6Mpa in the world. Passed the 100,000 times of life press test undergone in accordance with USA UL standard. (In general, makers of water heater are in accordance with national standard of 0.6Mpa or Europe standard of 0.7Mpa) • Incoloy 800 heating rod Super strong performance in anti boiled water and preventing from heating without water, thermal efficiency is higher than 98%. (Heating rod is classified in copper-common, stainless steel—Incoloy 840-Incoloy 800 as per its material). • Leakage current protection Powerful leakage current protection plug not only can guard against leakage caused from zero conductor of phase conductors, also can avoid injury caused from leakage on zero conductor

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