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Usability Study - Amy L. Grude

Usability Study - Amy L. Grude

Pre-Test Questionnaire

Pre-Test Questionnaire Name: _______________________________________________________________ 1. Sex/Gender Male Female 2. Age : ___ 3. Familiarity with the Internet Very familiar Somewhat familiar Average Somewhat unfamiliar Very unfamiliar 4. Please indicate the primary types of websites you use on the Internet: ______________________________________________________ 5. Based on how you currently use the Internet, how does it affect your productivity? Greatly improves Somewhat improves No affect Somewhat decreases Greatly decreases 6. Please indicate, from the scale of 1 (not usable) to 5 (very usable), how your experience been with the Internet. _______ 7. Please choose from the following choices all the tasks that you have performed on the Internet: Communication Current event updates: News, Entertainment Play games Research Shopping/purchasing Online testing Online banking Listen to music 27

8. Have you ever used the Help tool provided by a website? Yes. No. 9. If you have used the Help tool, please indicate if the tool was helpful/unhelpful in addressing your questions Very helpful Somewhat helpful Neutral Somewhat unhelpful Very helpful 28

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