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2011 Faculty/Staff Scholarship and Creativity Bibliography

2011 Faculty/Staff Scholarship and Creativity Bibliography

__. Review of Paul’s

__. Review of Paul’s Utilization of Preformed Traditions in 1 Timothy: An Evaluation of the Apostle’s Literary, Rhetorical, and Theological Tactics by M.M. Yarbrough. Journal of Religion 91, no. 1 (2011): 81-83. __. “Philosophers of the Household: Moral Education for Women in the Pastoral and Pythagorean Letters.” Presentation at AAUW Iowa Meeting, April 30, 2011. Jamieson, Janet. “The Sustainable Church: Applying the Triple Bottom Line.” The Episcopal Network for Stewardship Website, Oct. 3, 2011. Jensen, Paul T. Review of The Courage to Be Protestant by D. F. Wells. Restoration Quarterly 53, no. 3 (2011): 187-188. __. Tools for Young Philosophers: The Elements of Philosophy. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2011. Karkow, William. “Histology Challenge.” Presentation at the National Human Anatomy & Physiology Society Meeting, Victoria, BC, May 28, 2011. LaBudde, L.A., Sporer, S.M., Hoffman, A.R., & Zuercher, G.L. “Mussel Community Distribution along 9-Mile Island in Pool 12 of the Upper Mississippi River.” Poster presentation at the 43 rd Mississippi River Research Consortium Meeting, La Crosse, WI, April 28-29, 2011. Mudalige-Jayawickrama, Rasika, Zelent, C., & Martin, C. “MIXTA-Like Gene of Dendrobium Affects the Epidermal Cell Shape.” Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists, Minneapolis, Aug. 6-10, 2011. Polstra, Philip. “Using Microcontrollers for USB Forensics.” Presentation at the 44CON Conference, London, Sept. 1-2, 2011. Reese, A.L, Hennessy, M.R., Arensdorf, C.J., Chamberlain, C.M., & Zuercher, G.L. “Effects of Abiotic Factors on the Captures of a River Turtle Community.” Poster presentation at the 43 rd Mississippi River Research Consortium Meeting, La Crosse, WI, April 28-29, 2011. Reid, Robert S. “Using The Four Voices of Preaching to Code Sermons: A Methodological Proposal for Future Researchers.” Paper presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics, Austin, Dec. 1-3, 2011. __. “The Built to Change Missional for Built to Last Congregations.” Paper presented at the Christian Scholar’s Conference, Malibu, June 16-18, 2011. __. “Paul Ricoeur’s Poetics of Religious Discourse.” Panel presentation and panel convener at the National Communication Association Meeting, New Orleans, Nov. 17-19, 2011. __. “Responding to Resistance During a Change Process.” In Transitions: Leading Churches through Change, edited by D.N. Mosser, 173-188. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2011. Ressler, Amy. The Glass Menagerie. (Performer). Five Flags Theatre, Dubuque, Feb. 25, 2011. __. The Buddy Holly Story. (Director). The Grand Opera House, Dubuque, Feb. 11-13, 19-20, 2011. __. Meeting Alzheimer’s: Companionship on the Journey - A Heartfelt Introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease. CD. 2011. Ressler, A., & Angelica, J.C. “Meeting Alzheimer’s - For Families: Caregiving and Hope.” Presentation at the 16th Annual Memory Loss Conference, Springfield, IL, Nov. 7-8, 2011. __. “Meeting Alzheimer’s - For Professionals: Creative Vision and Healing.” Presentation at the 16th Annual Memory Loss Conference, Springfield, IL, Nov. 7-8, 2011. Sabers, Sheila. “The Visual Rhetoric of Typography: A Classroom Discussion on Communication of Typefaces in

CGR 302 Typography Class at University of Dubuque.” Practicum, Master of Arts in Communication, University of Dubuque, 2011. Satterlee, S.A., Kuhle, C.W., Ramírez Pinto, F., Fernández, S., Velázquez, M.C., Zuercher, G.L., Jackson, L., & Taylor, M.S. “Rediscovering a Lost Crab Genus: Aegla within the Interior Atlantic Forest of Canindeyu, Paraguay.” Poster presentation at the Annual Meeting for the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, Salt Lake City, Jan. 3-7, 2011. Schlimm, Matthew. “Currents in Old Testament Theology.” Catalyst: Contemporary Evangelical Perspectives for United Methodist Seminarians 37, no. 3 (2011): 1,4-6. __. Articles on “Perfection,” and “Prisoners of War.” In Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics, edited by J. Green. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2011. __. “Emotions and Faith: The Perplexing Relationship Between What We Feel and What We Believe.” @ This Point: Theological Investigations in Church and Culture 6, no. 1 (2011). __. From Fratricide to Forgiveness: The Language and Ethics of Anger in Genesis. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2011. Schreyer, Jessica. “Bringing E-Publishing to the Composition Classroom: Collaboratively Using Issuu to Create an Edited Collection of Student Work.” Presentation at the Computer Connection, College Conference on Composition, Atlanta, April 7-9, 2011. __. “Empowering Basic Writing Faculty through Strategic Relationship Building.” Presentation at the Conference on Basic Writing, Atlanta, April 2011. __. “Greening New Media: Pathways for the Future of Ecocomposition.” Presentation at the Indiana College English Association Conference, Anderson, IN, Oct. 7, 2011. Shaffer, Richard. “Anticipating World Communion (September 25-30, 2011).” These Days: Daily Devotions for Living by Faith 41, no. 3 (2011). Simison, Carolyn. “Serving and Learning in the Bahamas: A Pre-Service Teacher Experience in Service Learning, Special Education Practicum, and Multi-Media Reporting.” Presentation at the Critical Questions in Education Conference, Kansas City, Oct. 18, 2011. Slemmons, Timothy M. “Year D: Scriptural and Nutritional Supplements for the Body of Christ.” Webinar, Nov. 8, 2011, __. “To Hear the Voice of Texts Long Silenced, Consider Year D.” The Presbyterian Outlook 193, no. 22 (2011): 10-13. Sporer, S.M., LaBudde, L.A., & Hoffman, A.R. “Influence of Bed and Suspended Sediment on Freshwater Mussels in Pool 12 of the Upper Mississippi River.” Poster presentation at the 43 rd Mississippi River Research Consortium Meeting, La Crosse, WI, April 28-29, 2011. Steinback, Sherry. God’s Presence (photographic series). 2011. Stork, Debra. “FINESSE: Faculty Institutes in NASA Earth and Space Science Education.” Presentation at the 2011 International ASTE, Minneapolis, Jan. 19-22, 2011. Stork, D., Bailey, J., Pomeroy, J., Shipp, S., Shupla, C., Slater, S., & Slater, T. “Three Methods of Using Online Space Data to Support Inquiry.” The Classroom Astronomer 7 (2011): 20-23. Tilton, Jac. Almost Gone (carbon and charcoal). 2011. __. Going, Going—IL Rt. 155 MM 19 (carbon and charcoal). 2011.

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