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ﻓﻤﻴﻨﻴﺴﻢ و ﻣﺎرﻛﺴﻴﺴﻢ - Tripod

ﻓﻤﻴﻨﻴﺴﻢ و ﻣﺎرﻛﺴﻴﺴﻢ - Tripod

فمينيسم و

فمينيسم و ماركسيسم ترجمه ي نسيم روشنايي همچنين اين مباحثات،‏ دلالت هاي مهمي براي معرفت شناسي،‏ متافيزيك و نظريه ي سياسي در دانش فلسفي و درنتيجه دانش هاي ديگر در علوم انساني و اجتماعي دربردارند.‏ كتاب شناسي : Addams, Jane. 1914. “Women and Public Housekeeping”, In Women and Public Life. Ed. James P. Lichtenberger, Annuals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, v. 56. Alvarez, Sonia. 1998. “Latin American Feminisms ‘Go Global’: Trends of the 1990s and Challenges for the New Milennium”. In S. Alvarez, E. Dagnin and A. Escobar eds. Cultures of Politics/Politics of Cultures: Revisioning Latin American Social Movements. Boulder Co: Westview: 93-115. 35

فمينيسم و ماركسيسم ترجمه ي نسيم روشنايي Amott, Teresa and Julie Matthaei. 1991. Race, Gender and Work: A Multicultural Economic History of Women in the United States. Boston: South End Press. Anzaldua, Gloria. 1999. Borderlands/La Frontera. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Press. Anzaldua, Gloria and Cherr'e Moraga, eds. 1981. This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color. Watertown MA: Persephone Press. Barrett, Michele. 1980. Women's Oppression Today: Problems in Marxist Feminist Analysis. London: Verso. Bartky, Sandra 1990. Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression. New York: Routledge. Beauvoir, Simone De. 1978. The Second Sex, tr. & ed. by. HM Parshley. New York: Knopf. Beecher, Catherine. [1841] 1970. A Treatise on Domestic Economy. New York: Source Book Press. Benston, Margaret. 1969. “The Political Economy of Women's Liberation”, Monthly Review, v. 21, n.4 (September 1969). Bettie, Julie. 2000. “Women without Class: Chicas, Cholas, Trash and the Presence/Absence of Class Identity”, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, v.26, n.1: 1-35. Brenner, Johanna 2000. Women and the Politics of Class. New York: Monthly Review. Brewer, Rose. 1993.“Theorizing Race, Class and Gender”. In Stanlie James and Abena Busia, eds. Theorizing Black 36

ﻓﻤﻴﻨﻴﺴﻢ و ﻣﺎرﻛﺴﻴﺴﻢ
ﺑﻬﺒﻮد اﻧﺘﻘﺎل آﻣﻮزش
ﻣﺑﺎدرة (ان ﻻﯾﺗن) en.lighten
ﺑﻨﺎم ﺧﺪا - سامان پروانه
اﺳت آﯾﺎ ﻗرآن ﮐﻼم آﻓرﯾدﮔﺎر
٢٠٠٩ ,سرﺎــﻣ ٢٥ – ٢٣
ﮐﺘﺎب راﻫﻨﻤﺎي آﻧﺪروﯾﺪ آﺑﺎن 90
اﺳت آﯾﺎ ﻗرآن ﮐﻼم آﻓرﯾدﮔﺎر
ـﻫ ١٤٢٧ - ١٤٢٦ ﻲﻟﺎﻤﻟا مﺎﻌﻠﻟ
اﻟﺘﻘﺮﻳﺮ اﻟﺴﻨﻮي - Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
اﻟﺗﺛﺑﯾت دﻟﯾل
ﻋﻠﯽ ﺻﺎﻧﻊ - نانو
ﻣﺎﻫﻨﺎﻣﻪ روﺷﻨﮕﺮ - ketab farsi