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to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

Digital Cinema Security

Digital Cinema Security • Since the early 1990’s several turnkey security solutions (and/or entire systems) have been promoted to stakeholders. • These would have enabled a transition to digital sooner than the SMTPE process, but stakeholders held out for an open solution. • By forcing an open security solution: – Security is fully standardized – Fixed policy, simple DRM operation – Competitive supplier base – Marginalized – not a cost center 16

Security Requirements (DCI) Resist Threats and Support Forensics: No access to clear text content or security data (e.g. keys) Unauthorized exhibition (wrong facility, wrong time) Unauthorized manipulation of content Unreported playout of content Expose in-process security attacks (e.g. equipment tampering) Identify the origin of content (watermarking/fingerprinting) Coexistence - Standardized security policies, rights owners do not rely on mutual trust. Interoperable - Equipment from multiple competing manufacturers usable in a secure and trusted manner. Reliability - The “show shall go on” except in extreme circumstances. Support redundant and replaceable components. 17

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