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to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

D-Cinema Security

D-Cinema Security Approach “Control Lightly – Audit Tightly” • Security Implementation: – Secure Image and Sound by Encryption – Test DRM conditions for each Decryption/Playout (persistent security) – Forensic Marking for image and sound applied at playout – Extensive Logging for post-playout Reporting – Flexible architectural implementation • Auditorium “Security Manager” (SM) functions for: – Persistent security management (Store & Forward) – Trust infrastructure supervision (content integrity & device authentication) • Separation of: – Content distribution from Key/DRM distribution (OOB) – “Security Management” from “Business Management” 18

D-Cinema S&F Security Architecture Mastering encrypted content Theatre Auditorium Decryption watermarked content content keys Key Key Management keys keys Security Manager log records Complete baseline interoperable system – Content Encryption – Key & Security/Trust Management – Logging/Auditing 19

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