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to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

Content Encryption •

Content Encryption • End-to-end cryptographic protection – Content decrypted within trusted, physically secure devices – Content decrypted in real-time at playback • Single inventory, e.g. same distribution package to all screens • 128-bit AES symmetric encryption (CBC) – Asset-specific key(s) – Frame-based – Accommodates a wide range of essence types content key content key content encryption encrypted content decryption link encryption content DC28 Documents: Sound and Picture Track File Encryption 20

Content Key Distribution: KDM • Key Delivery Message (KDM) – Content keys encrypted using the public key of the recipient SM – Authorized time window for playout – Trusted Device List (TDL) of trusted exhibition devices (e.g. projector) • Unique KDM issued for each recipient SM • XML container based on standardized “Generic Extra-Theater Message” Public key of security manager Content key Distributor KDM Security Manager Private key of security manager Content key Time window & TDL DC28 Documents: Key Delivery Message Time window & TDL 21

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