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to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

Forensic Marking •

Forensic Marking • Optionally applied, but required for each auditorium • Applied during each playout – Device identifier and Timestamp – Audio and/or picture at studio’s directive • Forensic detection a posteriori (non-real-time analysis) • Expose security breaches (camcorders) • Survive multiple generations • Insertion points are mandated, but technology is not standardized 22

Trust Infrastructure (cont) Trust, Validation & Authentication supported by Digital Certificates • One type of standardized D-Cinema certificate: – Signed XML container validations: • Composition Play List (CPL) • Packing List (PL) • Key Delivery Message (KDM) • Facility List Message (FLM) – Secure intra-theatre communications & equipment authentication supported by Transport Layer Security (TLS) – Data logging of pre/post playout security events • Signed XML containers for log secure reporting • Certificates support multiple Trust Domains: – Post production, Mastering and Distribution – Exhibition “Security Management” Domains (auditoriums) 23

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