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Alternative Security

Alternative Security Implementation Examples AUDITORIUM 1 DCP STORAGE SPB2 2 1 1 TMS 1 2 SPB1 MD SM A Plain Text FM Plain Text Project Integrated Projection System Security Entities: SM = Security Manager MD = Media Decryptor FM = Forensic Marker LE = Link Encryptor LD = Link Decryptor TMS = Theatre Management Sys Theatre Network 2 1 2 AUDITORIUM 2 Standardized Messages: SPB2 1 2 Extra-Theatre Messages Intra-Theatre Messages Notes: • Double-lined componets are hard-security SPB1 containers. • Dotted components are SPB2 containers. • Circled numbers are the "security interfaces." • Yellow components are Security Entities. SPB1 MD Plain Text SM B FM Media Block LE E X H I B I T I O N SPB1 LD Plain Text FM * Projection System Plain Text * optional 24 Project

Early Stakeholder Concerns about Security ”Security should not change traditional business operations” • Scope of Security? - Should security address only content encryption, or include DRM-like controls? • Fixed v.s. Flexible Security Policies? – How much flexibility in security features and functions should the standard allow? • Security Manager Functionality? – Who controls security policy and functionality of SMs? • Fully Trusted Exhibitor? - Is the projection booth secure or must physically secured and authenticated hardware be used? • Logging/Reporting? - Should the security system implement automated logging and reporting of exhibition events? • Revocation? – What should the procedures be for equipment trust? Who controls this? • Architectural Flexibility? – What limitations should be applied to the types of implementations allowed? 25

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