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to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

What is “Digital

What is “Digital Cinema”? • Digital Cinema is primarily a system for all-digital distribution of first-run theatrical motion pictures. • Motivation for digital distribution: – Reduce cost & time dependencies of distribution – Improve the consistency & quality of repeated presentations – Align theatrical channels with content creation & subsequent distribution channels (already going digital) • Fallout technical requirements from digital distribution: – Mastering and packaging of standardized digital content forms – Specification of Compression technology – Establishing requirements for Projection (quality & consistency) – Specifying Security requirements (encryption, DRM, audit) 4

What is Digital Cinema Not? Digital Cinema is not “Electronic Cinema” (E-Cinema) • E-Cinema is a catch-all for what the Hollywood studios consider anything presented (digitally) not meeting the stringent projection & quality requirements established by them (example: theatrical HDTV is not D-Cinema). • Examples are alternative forms of entertainment - Broadcast-like content & live events (concerts, sports) • This position is not globally shared; Hollywood understands this. In many areas of the world E-Cinema will commercially operate as D-Cinema. 5

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