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to view slide presentation - CommNexus San Diego

D-Cinema Commercial

D-Cinema Commercial Environment • Three primary stakeholder groups: – Rights Owners (studios & their distributors) – Exhibition – Equipment and service suppliers • D-Cinema has been largely driven by Rights Owners. • Studios see themselves responsible for the quality of the exhibition experience & security of their content. • Exhibition is a serendipitous partner in this, however: – They manage and run the presentation business – Top of the distribution chain customers are “theirs” – They own the facility and equipment • “Security” has been a stress point: – Transcends two user domains (rights owners & exhibition) – Multiple sources and sinks of content; all are competitors – Security does not like multiple masters 6

Establishing Requirements & Specifications • Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) “DC-28 Committee” formed to work on Digital Cinema standards adoption (2000). • Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) LLP formed 3/02 - 7 (now 6) major Hollywood studios set studio requirements. “V1.0” of the Specification Book released 7/05. • Rights owners, exhibition, equipment & service suppliers work within the SMPTE environment to flesh out standards in support of studio & exhibition requirements. • Approximately three dozen SMPTE Standards and Recommended Practices are being groomed to serve as pillars of interoperability. 7

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