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Section “Manuals” in General Information - LilyPond

Section “Manuals” in General Information - LilyPond

Introduction 8 Early

Introduction 8 Early Music LilyPond also supports various types of ancient notation, such as this passage of Gregorian chant. má- éx- mus, Ad ae: cla- te i les, su- li- fi- gí- na, ve, Re- ri- Sal- di- córter ma- se- mi- má- la- cri- in tes hac le. rum val- Ad spi- su- te vae. He- et tes flen- mus, rá- mén- ge- los cu- ó- ad ri- mi- os cór- te. nos vér- con- go, er- vo- Ad- des se- ia E- los tuta cá- il- stra, no- ex- li- sí- bis hoc post de. tén- os- um díc- ne- tum Je- Et tum be- sum, i, no- ven- fruc- tu- tris cis dul- a. go Vir- rí- Ma- cle- O mens: O a: O pi-

Introduction 9 Modern Music Contemporary composers find LilyPond well-suited to displaying unusual notation. Here is an excerpt from Trevor Bača’s Čáry, for unaccompanied bass flute. 16 5 = 42 4 8 Carin Levine ČÁRY Sorcery (extract) bass flute 4 8 Trevor Bača 5 3:5 5 5 4 8 sffp 3:5 3 16 5 5 fsffp 3 f sf ff sfp 8 4 7 9 f ff f f f f f fsf ff

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