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Section “Manuals” in General Information - LilyPond

Section “Manuals” in General Information - LilyPond

Community 144

Community 144 LilyPond 2.6 released - June 27, 2005 Version 2.6 is the latest stable release of LilyPond. It now installs in a snap on Windows, MacOS X, and any version of Linux (x86). Get up and running in minutes! Pango text formatting lets you print Unicode lyrics in your favorite script and font. Create SVG files, and edit them in Inkscape. (Announcement, [Old downloads], page 53, [Changes], page 67) LilyPond 2.7.1 is out - July 20, 2005 LilyPond 2.7.1 has no user-visible changes. However, due to restructuring “under the hood”, this version will be 10 to 20 % faster. ([Old downloads], page 53) LilyPond 2.6.1 is out - July 11, 2005 This version fixes a few minor bugs found in 2.6.0, and also works on DOS-based Windows versions. ([Changes], page 67, [Old downloads], page 53) LilyPond 2.7 is out - July 9, 2005 LilyPond 2.7.0 is out. It has support for paragraph text and pitched trill notation. ([Changes], page 67, [Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.31 released - June 22, 2005 LilyPond 2.5.32 is now available for download (binaries for Fedora + MacOS only). It has a few very minor bugfixes, and a rewrite of the TTF embedding code, which should be a lot more robust now. ([Old downloads], page 53) Traduction du site de LilyPond - 15 juin 2005 L’équipe des traducteurs vous présente le site de LilyPond en français. Nous travaillons sur la traduction des pages encore non traduites. Bon surf ! 2.5.31 for Windows and MacOS - June 15, 2005 2.5.31 is now available for both Windows and MacOS X. The Windows version should now work with embedding TTF fonts, and the MacOS X has better help functionality. ([Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.31 released - June 15, 2005 This release has a few bugfixes. In the MacOS X version, ClickEdit has been renamed to LilyPond, and you can now upgrade your files and compile them directly from LilyPond. ([Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.30 released - June 10, 2005 This is (hopefully) the last Release Candidate before 2.6. Give it a good shake to find those last bugs! ([Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.29 released - June 7, 2005 In this release the documentation also has pictures. In addition, the Mac version can also read native mac fonts (.dfonts and fonts in resource forks). ([Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.27 released - May 31, 2005 It has a big bunch of minor bugfixes. This is another release candidate for version 2.6, which should be released within the next 2 weeks. Please send a bug report if you find a critical problem with this release. ([Old downloads], page 53)

Community 145 Windows and MacOS installers available - May 26, 2005 There are now a native, standalone installers for Windows and MacOS. They also support PDF point & click. ([Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.26 released - May 26, 2005 This release has a couple of small bugfixes. 2.5.25 released - May 20, 2005 This release has many small bugfixes and updates to the documentation. page 53) ([Old downloads], 2.5.24 released - May 12, 2005 2.5.24 fixes a bunch of bugs; in particular, chord symbols (such as slashed o) should now work on all platforms. This release has a new feature: it is now possible to make staves appear in a different order from the order that they were defined. ([Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.23 released - May 6, 2005 This release has a couple of small bugfixes, and a new feature. It is now possible to start and stop the StaffSymbol, during a piece of music, by doing \stopStaff \startStaff. This can be used to produce Ossia staves. ([Changes], page 67, [Old downloads], page 53) 2.5.22 released - May 3, 2005 2.5.22 is a bugfix release. The most visible improvement is in the PDF : this release will produce smaller PDF files, with symbols that look better on screen. ([Old downloads], page 53) April 25, 2005 - 2.5.21 released! 2.5.21 has more bugfixes. It also has support for "grid lines", bar like vertical line, which are aligned with the notes. The auto-beam engraver was rewritten, so it also works with irregular time signatures like 5/8. ([Changes], page 67, [Old downloads], page 53) April 18, 2005 LilyPond 2.5.20 has lots of bugfixes, in particular, MIDI files of multi-movement pieces don’t overwrite each other. Version 2.5.20 also supports putting arrows on lines, such as glissandi. More details are in the the [Changes], page 67 file, or go straight to [Old downloads], page 53. April 15, 2005 LilyPond 2.5.19 was released. The command ‘\epsfile’ allows inclusion of EPS graphics into markup texts and the music function ‘\musicDisplay’ will display a music expression as indented Scheme code. Take a look at the [Changes], page 67 file and [Old downloads], page 53. April 6, 2005 2.5.18 is a bugfix release. It has many small cleanups in the web-based documentation, and many small cleanups all over the place. [Old downloads], page 53 March 31, 2005 2.5.17 is out. This release features many small bugfixes. In addition, it has support for string number notation for guitar. This feature was sponsored by Gunther Strube. [Old downloads], page 53

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