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Section “Manuals” in General Information - LilyPond

Section “Manuals” in General Information - LilyPond

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Community 96 Other languages Spanish mailing list German forum Portuguese group French mailing list Dutch forum Stay Informed LilyPond Report The easiest way to keep touch is by reading our community newsletter, the LilyPond Report: Releases mailing list: This mailing list is a low-volume, read-only list which receives notifications of new releases. info-lilypond subscribe and info info archive1 archive2 archive3 Developer Discussion Developer mailing list: Most developer discussion takes place on this list. Patches should be sent here. lilypond-devel subscribe and info devel archive1 archive2 archive3 send to lilypond-devel with gmane Bug mailing list: Bug-specific discussion takes place here. bug-lilypond subscribe and info bug archive1 archive2 archive3 ☛ Sensitive emails Note: Before sending a message to the bug list, please read our guidelines for [Bug reports], page 97. ✡ Private matters should be sent to Graham Percival (project manager), who will discuss it with those concerned. Tiny examples What are “Tiny examples”? A tiny example is an example from which nothing can be removed. Why create them? • The simpler the example is, the quicker potential helpers can understand it and help you. ✟ ✠

Community 97 • A tiny example demonstrates that you have put effort towards solving the problem yourself. When people send huge portions of input, it looks like they don’t care if we help them or not. • Creating a tiny example helps you to understand what is happening. Many false problem reports can be avoided by attempting to create a tiny example; if you cannot replicate a “bug” in a tiny example, then the problem was probably an insufficient understanding of LilyPond, not an actual bug! How to create them? • Include the \version number. • Make it small! Examples about spacing or page layout might require many bars of music, but most issues can be reproduced using less than a single measure. • When trying to create an example, try commenting out (% or %{ ... %}) sections of your file. If you can comment something while still demonstrating the main idea, then remove the commented-material. • Avoid using complicated notes, keys or time signatures, unless the bug is about the behavior of those items. • Do not use \override or \set commands unless the bug is about those specific commands. • Optionally, attach an image showing the desired graphical output. How tiny should they be? Is the code below a minimal example? \version "2.14.1" \include "" \score { \new Staff { \key d \major \numericTimeSignature \time 2/4 8. %% Here: the tie on the D's looks funny %% Too tall? Left-hand endpoint is not aligned with the B tie? ~ 8. ~

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