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Clinical Research Experience

Clinical Research Experience

Potential for false

Potential for false negative findings if power assumptions are not assessed during trials Treatment effect on biomarker Anticipated relative risk reduction Active (n=4000) 1.0 20% 480 (12.0%) 0.7 14% 516 (12.9%) Control (n=4000) 600 (15.0%) 600 (15.0%) Power at p=0.01 91% 54% Not to check these assumptions may have adverse public health implications

SUMMARY: how can we innovate? • Innovation may be less important than doing what we already know better – Ensure that trials are LARGE enough to be informative by reducing costs per patient – Avoiding bad statistical practice (eg, country-specific subgroups, non-randomised analyses) • Quality can be built into trials by DESIGN, • Some procedures could be streamlined (eg, adjudication, on-site monitoring) • Statistical methods to improve sensitivity (but not solely as a way of reducing sample size) • Main problem in trials is type II errors: monitoring biomarkers can help avoid this

Clinical Research Experience
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