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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

4.0 What Remains to be

4.0 What Remains to be Done? What emerged from the Stage 2 review is a current and more detailed picture of the state of the environment in the Ontario portion of the Niagara River AOC. The need for further data and information on fish, wildlife and water quality to complete some assessments has been identified. To incorporate the recommendations resulting from the Stage 2 review, the next steps involve the development and implementation of a new 5 year RAP work plan and a monitoring plan. The RAP work plan will be implemented by RAP partners and will address the new RAP Recommendations. The RAP monitoring plan will help to guide data-gathering activities for the identified information gaps and facilitate monitoring and assessment of progress towards delisting the AOC. Progress in those projects that are currently underway and what remains to be done (e.g., implementation of administrative controls for the contaminated sediments at Lyons Creek East) will be determined. Subsequently, any adjustments and additional actions will be included in the RAP work plan. In order to facilitate implementation of the monitoring and assessment recommendations, the new RAP Implementation Framework will be organized to identify the role of implementation committees and partners. The new RAP Implementation Framework is discussed further in section 5.2. 4.1 Niagara River RAP Work Plan In the following table, the new 12 recommendations are organized into the Beneficial Use Impairments and the lead implementing partners for the work plan are identified. 74

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Table 21: List of revised recommendations and work plan partners Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae Beach Closings Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae BUIs Recommendations Work Plan Partners Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat Degradation of Benthos Restrictions on Fish Consumption Fish and Wildlife Habitat Fish and Wildlife Population Degradation Restrictions on Fish Consumption All All All All 1. Implement municipal storm and waste water quality improvement projects through infrastructure upgrades, optimization, pollution prevention and control planning initiatives. 2. Identify priority target areas for water quality and habitat improvement and encourage landowner participation through funding incentives, education, and outreach. 3. Implement the sediment remediation actions identified through the management plans for contaminated sediment sites in the AOC. 4. Support the implementation of municipal natural heritage strategies within the Niagara River AOC. 5. While fish consumption advisories are necessary, adequately communicate and encourage the use of: (1) the government’s “Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish” and (2) any advisories needed to protect human consumers from consumption of snapping turtle. 6. Establish and support a monitoring plan for the RAP. 7. Develop and deliver education and community programs that address matters of interest to the RAP or that support RAP implementation. 8. Provincial and federal governments continue an integrated ecosystem approach to management for its agencies. 9. All levels of government continue providing resources for RAP initiatives and make projects in Great Lakes AOCs a priority for infrastructure funding. NPCA, Niagara Region, municipalities NPCA, NRC, Niagara Region, OPG, NPC, Land Care Niagara, Haldimand Stewardship Council, municipalities, landowners EC, MOE, NPCA, Niagara Region, Hydro One, Transport Canada, City of Welland MNR, Niagara Region, NPCA, NPC, municipalities, NRC, Bird Studies Canada EC, MOE, MNR RAP coordinator, NPCA, MOE, EC, MNR RAP coordinator, NPCA, MOE, EC, MNR, municipalities, schools EC, MOE, MNR EC, MOE, Niagara Region, municipalities 75

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