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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Appendix 1: Technical

Appendix 1: Technical Reviewers From the Working Document Delisting Criteria and Impairments Review Niagara River (Ontario) RAP (Technical Review 2007) Fish Consumption Restrictions Mary Ellen Scanlon (lead), MOE South Central Region Al Hayton, MOE Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch (EMRB) Emily Awad, MOE-EMRB Wildlife Consumption Restrictions, Wildlife Populations, Bird/Animal Deformities and Reproduction Problems Shane De Solla (lead), Environment Canada, Conservation Strategies Division (CSD) Laird Schutt, EC-CSD Kim Fernie, EC-CSD Cynthia Pekarik, EC-CSD Tana McDaniel, EC-CSD Pamela Martin, EC-CSD Robert Townsend, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation John Middleton, Brock University Eutrophication and Other Undesirable Algae Murray Charlton, EC National Water Research Institute (NWRI) Martha Guy, EC National Guidelines and Standards Office Aaron Todd, MOE EMRB Todd Howell, MOE EMRB Annie Michaud, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) David Brown, Brock University Beach Closings Tom Edge, EC-NWRI Murray Charlton, EC-NWRI Annie Michaud, NPCA Natasha Mihas, City of Hamilton Health Dept. Glen Hudgins, Niagara Region Health Department David Brown, Brock University Wildlife Habitat Greg Mayne (lead) EC Restoration Programs Division Anne Yagi, MNR Niagara District Julie Simard, MNR Headquarters Ian Barrett, NPCA John Middleton, Brock University Kim Frohlich, NPCA Fish Habitat and Fish Populations Tom McDougall, MNR Lake Erie Management Unit Anne Yagi, MNR Niagara District Scott Brown, EC-NWRI Ian Barrett, NPCA Benthos and Restrictions on Dredging Janette Anderson (lead) EC Restoration Programs Division Rein Jaagumagi, Dillon Consulting Jocelyn Baker, NPCA Scott Mackay, EC Restoration Programs Division 82

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Appendix 2: Steering Committee (2007) & RAP Implementation and Science Committees (2009) Organization Representative Steering Committee Members who participated in Stage 2 (1995) review Brock University Fiona Hunter Environment Canada Janette Anderson Scott MacKay Fisheries & Oceans Canada Amy Liu Land Care Niagara Stephen Prior Niagara College Andrea Sinclair Niagara Parks Commission Debbie Whitehouse Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Tony D’Amario Jocelyn Baker Valerie Cromie Ontario Ministry of the Environment Mary Ellen Scanlon Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Joad Durst Niagara Region – Health Department Bill Hunter Niagara Region – Planning Department Bob Steele Don Campbell Niagara Region – Public Works Sunil Sharma RAP Implementation Committee Members (2009) Brock University Fiona Hunter (Biological Sciences) Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper Margaret Wooster City of Hamilton Eric Mathews (Safe Water Program) City of Niagara Falls Brad Johnston (Municipal Works) Geoff Holman (Municipal Works) City of Welland Akin Ogunkeye (Planning Division) Erik Nickel (Engineering Services) Lino Ventresca (Engineering Services) Environment Canada Dan McDonell Sandra Kok Land Care Niagara Stephen Prior New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation Mark Filipski (U.S. RAP Coordinator) Niagara College Andrea Sinclair Niagara Parks Commission Debbie Whitehouse Mark Buma Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority John Kukalis (Water Management) Jocelyn Baker (Watershed Restoration Program) Niagara River RAP Coordinator Valerie Cromie Niagara River Restoration Council Corey Burant 83

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