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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Below is a summary of

Below is a summary of RAP highlights since then: 1988 }} Series of public meetings, hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, to establish a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) for the Niagara River (Ontario) RAP. 1989 }} First meeting of the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) in January 1989. 1990 }} Establishment of the International Advisory Committee (IAC), comprised of members of the PAC and the U.S. Niagara River Action Committee (NRAC), in March 1990. 1990/91 }} Series of workshops to identify impaired uses and develop Goals & Objectives as presented in the Stage 1 Report. 1993 }} Final meeting of IAC in June 1993 (NRAC was disbanded). }} Release of the Niagara River RAP Stage 1 report: Environmental Conditions and Problem Definition, September 1993. }} Selection of remedial options through a series of workshops towards development of Recommendations. }} IJC Niagara River RAP Stage 1 Review meeting in December 1993. 1994 }} Working Groups developed a comprehensive set of thirty-seven Recommendations under the following themes: Water Quality, Sediment, Biota/Habitat, Surveillance & Monitoring, and Stewardship & Education. }} Open Forum for public comment on the Recommendations in June 1994. }} Review of draft Stage 2 Report & development of implementation structure. 1995 }} Release of the Niagara River RAP Stage 1 – UPDATE: Environmental Conditions and Problem Definition, March 1995. }} Release of the Niagara River RAP Stage 2 report: The Cleanup Connection, April 1995. The report presents the Recommendations necessary to address the impaired beneficial uses and achieve the environmental goals. }} Full-scale cleanup of contaminated sediment “reefs” in the Welland River. 1996 }} Federal and Provincial responses to the Niagara River RAP Recommendations. These responses are documented in Appendix C of the Niagara River RAP Implementation Annex. 1997 }} Unveiling of the Niagara River RAP Plaque at a site along the river ( June 1997). 88

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update 1998 }} The PAC became incorporated as the Niagara River Restoration Council. 1999 }} The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) assumed the responsibility as the RAP Coordinator through a three-party agreement with Environment Canada and the Ministry of the Environment. }} Release of the Welland River Watershed Strategy, November 1999. 2000-2004 }} Release of the Niagara River RAP Implementation Annex, November 2000. The Annex presents a RAP implementation summary, the lead partners and an action plan, as laid out in Appendices A & B. 2004-2006 }} Establishment of Public Advisory Committee and Steering Committee for full review of the Stage 2 report Recommendations, Delisting Criteria and Beneficial Use Impairments. }} Review of Delisting Criteria and Impairments by Technical Committees. }} Preparation of report providing results of Stage 2 technical review: Environment Canada. June 2007. Niagara River (Ontario) Remedial Action Plan. Technical Review of Impairments and Delisting Criteria. (Final Draft) }} Assessment of contaminated sediment sites in the Niagara River Area of Concern. 2005 }} Review of status of implementation activities in the Implementation Annex. }} Preparation of the Niagara River RAP Implementation Annex Update. 2007 }} Preparation of the RAP Stage 2 Update report. }} Development of new framework for implementation of RAP Monitoring Plan and Work Plan. }} Establishment of RAP Science Committee and initiation of the Welland River Eutrophication Study. }} Public consultation on remedial options for contaminated sediments at Lyons Creek East and West sites. }} Establishment of Community Liaison Committee for Lyons Creek East project. 2008 }} Release of Human Health Risk Assessment reports for Lyons Creek East and West. }} Release of Ecological Risk Assessment report for Lyons Creek East and West. }} Wetland Inventory of Lyons Creek East. }} Completion of sediment management options assessments for Lyons Creek East and Lyons Creek West. }} Public consultation on preferred remedial option for Lyons Creek East. }} Completion of the Canada-Ontario Decision-Making Framework for the Assessment of Great Lakes Contaminated Sediment (Framework) for Lyons Creek East. }} Decision to manage the contaminated sediment in Lyons Creek East through Monitored Natural Recovery. }} Fisheries Community Monitoring and Implementation of Walleye restoration project in the Welland River West and habitat enhancement projects planned (with some already implemented). 89

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