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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

McLeod Rd. Sewage

McLeod Rd. Sewage Pumping Station and Forcemain Upgrade NIAGARA FALLS Welland WPCP Digester Improvements WELLAND Kalar Rd. Pumping Station and Forcemain Upgrade NIAGARA FALLS Dorchester/Drummond Pumping Station Improvements NIAGARA FALLS Garner Rd. Sludge Holding Lagoon Upgrade NIAGARA FALLS Improvements to Sewage Pumping Station along River Road NIAGARA FALLS Standby Power Provision at WPCP and Pumping Station NIAGARA REGION Implementation of MISA Requirements at Regional Plants NIAGARA REGION CSO Control and Related Improvements NIAGARA REGION Welland WPCP improvements WELLAND Queenston WPCP Improvements NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE Stevensville/Douglastown Treatment Lagoon Upgrade FORT ERIE Improvements to Port Robinson Lagoon Facility. THOROLD DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE ONGOING ONGOING DONE DONE Minimal capacity increase. No new forcemain being considered. Equipment upgrades and operational improvements. Completed in 1995. New forcemain redirected flow. Increased capacity. New standby generator. Completed in 1998. New station. Standby generator. Increased capacity. Additional steel storage tanks added, centrifuge installed and storm water management pond expanded. New Central Pump Station, High Rate Treatment Facility and Improvements to Muddy Run Pump Station completed, reducing CSO discharges to the Niagara River. Standby power added at Stamford, WPCP, Lundy’s Lane pump station and Chippawa Lo-lift pump station. See Regional Niagara’s “A Guide to the Sewer-Use By-Law”. DFA reported completed in 2007 identifying additional work. Equipment upgrades and operational improvements. Equipment upgrades and operational improvements. DONE The Region added aeration in 1999/2000. ONGOING In 2006 flow diverted to Welland WPCP. Facility to be decommissioned in future. 108

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Appendix 9: Water Quality and Habitat Improvement Project Accomplishments The following results for water quality improvement projects implemented by the NPCA have been taken from: GREAT LAKES SUSTAINABILITY FUND Year-end Report - Water Quality and Habitat Improvement Project for the Niagara River Area of Concern. March 27, 2009. PROJECT RESULTS The following tables illustrate the benefits of this year’s project in meeting the recommendations in the Niagara River RAP Stage 2 Report and the Canada-Ontario (COA) Initiatives both of which focus on the delisting of the Niagara River AOC. Table 1: Summary of projects and deliverables achieved through the Niagara River AOC programs duration (2007) Program Summary Projects Completed to Date Achieved Hectares Restored Number of conservation farming projects 23 Number of livestock fenced from watercourse 2,515 155,840 kg N diverted Length of stream fencing 22,236 m N/A Number of manure storages/improvements, wash water, etc. 70 N/A Quantity of manure contained as a result of improved management practices 81,776 m 3 /yr N/A Table 2: List of demonstration projects involving agricultural partners (2007) Project Name Number Completed Manure Management 5 Grass Waterways 0 Rock Chutes & Outlets Stabilization 0 Windbreak/Shelterbelts 1 Streambank Stabilization using Bioengineering 1 Trickle Irrigation 1 Total BMP projects 8 109

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