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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

4. The Region of

4. The Region of Niagara continue to work towards implementing a water pollution control plant optimization program for all its plants. Implementation of the Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) requirements at the Niagara Region’s Water Pollution Control Plants (WPCPs) is ongoing. MOE enforces MISA. With the signing of the 1987, 1994 and 2002 Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, Ontario committed to the management of persistent toxic substances. The goal of the MISA program is “virtual elimination” of persistent toxic contaminants from all discharges into Ontario waterways. 170 5. Landfills continue to be monitored regularly, as determined by monitoring results. This Recommendation will be referred for consideration as part of the monitoring plan. Water Quality - Rural It is proposed that Recommendations #6, 7, 8 should be combined and revised into a single Recommendation pertaining to rural non-point source issues. Suggested Revised Recommendation: Identify priority target areas for water quality and habitat improvement and encourage landowner participation through funding incentives, education, stewardship and outreach. 6. Prepare and implement a rural non-point source (NPS) pollution remediation strategy. The use of an Agricultural Non-Point Source (AGNPS) model as an aid to watershed management decision-making is working well in the Niagara River AOC. Oswego Creek is a pilot project for the AOC and mapping is complete. Priority target areas have been identified but it is often difficult trying to get people (landowners) to participate. The definition of delisting criteria will help to establish targets (e.g., phosphorous). Phosphorous (P) levels in the Welland River are very high. Also, a comparison of non-AOC creeks to the Welland River will help to determine the extent of water quality degradation within the AOC. 7. Farmers in the Niagara River AOC be encouraged to follow sound farming practices such as recommended in the Environmental Farm Plan program. 8. Additional funding per farm business be given to the Environmental Farm Plan Incentive Program operating in the Niagara River AOC. There are many small farms in the watershed. “Greencover” money is available to farmers, but the process takes time and needs to be endorsed at the local level. Septics are a very important issue in the AOC and there are efforts to get a septic and well program underway. The NPCA is working 114

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update with LandCare Niagara on this to make sure it’s being addressed in the watershed. Also, members of NPCA staff sit on the NWQPS Better Management Practices committee. Water quality is a major issue for the RAP program. It is well documented that flow reversal & the siphons are affecting the Welland River system. An analysis of priority areas and cleanup actions are required to determine what remains to be done to delist the AOC. Sediment It is proposed that as Recommendations #9 &11 have been completed, there should be a Recommendation pertaining to a monitoring plan. Suggested New Recommendation: A monitoring plan be established and supported by the RAP. 9. The lower Welland River (downstream of the Welland airport) be the priority focus of any sediment assessment. A full scale cleanup of the Welland River reef site was undertaken in 1995. Details of the project are contained in a December 1997 report by Acres International Ltd.: “The Full-Scale Welland River Cleanup Project. Project Assessment Report and Technical Reference Document”. Long term monitoring for this site could be included in a recommendation related to monitoring (see above). This Recommendation can be identified as completed. 10. Potentially contaminated locations be prioritized for review, assessment and remediation. Studies have been carried out to assess potentially contaminated sites within the AOC. Priority areas for further assessment were identified and presented in the RAP Stage I Update report (March 1995). Since then, a study has been undertaken to review the contaminants at each site and identify those sites where sediment remediation actions are required. Sediment management options are presently being examined for sites at Lyons Creek East and West. Therefore, this Recommendation should be revised. Suggested Revised Recommendation: Implement the sediment remediation actions identified through the studies on contaminated sediment sites in the AOC. 11. Test potentially contaminated sediment sites to confirm the absence / presence of contamination. This work has been completed. For further information, see Golder Associates Ltd. May 2004. “Niagara River Area of Concern Contaminated Sediment Site Assessment Phase I and Phase II.” 115

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