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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

This Recommendation can

This Recommendation can be identified as completed. Biota/Habitat It is proposed that a new Recommendation be prepared by combining #12 & #16. Suggested Revised Recommendation: Support the implementation of municipal natural heritage strategies within the Niagara River AOC. 12. Prepare a natural heritage strategy for the Niagara River AOC. Planning authorities encompassing the AOC have developed environmental policies for their Official Plans. As an example, the RMON has developed a comprehensive new set of policies and a Core Natural Heritage Map for their Official Plan. The environmental policies developed aim to maintain a Healthy Landscape throughout Niagara, while giving particular attention to natural features of special significance within the broader landscape. The Core Natural Heritage System is an essential component of a Healthy Landscape. Environmental conservation is a cooperative effort involving landowners and residents, community organizations and all levels of government. The policies developed by municipalities provide the framework for this cooperative effort. Moreover, the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement and the Greenbelt Plan, in conjunction with other Provincial policy, legislation and regulations, set out the Provincial framework for environmental planning and conservation. Link with #16 - see below. 13. The PAC will critically review government review processes to ensure that they embody the principles and objectives of the Niagara River RAP. This Recommendation is redundant as there is no permanent PAC. However, through the NPCA as RAP Coordinator, the RAP is included in municipal official plans and initiatives of the RMON, such as NWQPS. Generally, the RAP is represented in reviews of issues that affect the AOC. This Recommendation should be considered redundant. 14. A regulation requiring treatment or exchange (or some other technique) to ensure that ballast water cannot be a way for the introduction of exotic species into the Niagara River AOC be enacted. There is no further action required on this Recommendation and it should be identified as not applicable. It is beyond the scope of the RAP to enact or cause a regulation to be enacted. Also, it is not a local issue that the RAP can influence or control. 15. Continue to protect habitat on both sides of the river as one ecosystem. 116

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update In its role as RAP Co-ordinator the NPCA maintains cross-border liaison with the Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER 171 , (formerly Friends of the Buffalo Niagara River). This organization is currently responsible for co-ordination of the Buffalo River RAP. The creation of the U.S. Niagara River Greenway and the Alternative Settlement Process associated with the relicensing of the Niagara Power Facility are two examples of U.S. initiatives that may provide opportunities for cooperation with U.S. partners to discuss and act on habitat issues of mutual interest. Regarding the proposed project on page 68 of Stage 2 report (i.e., the four parties to map the littoral zone habitat), this project was never implemented. There are two separate RAPs for the Niagara River AOC; however, efforts will continue to seek out opportunities for international cooperation, as suggested through this Recommendation. Suggested Revised Recommendation: Continue to protect habitat on both sides of the river as one ecosystem and seek opportunities for international cooperation. 16. Municipal planning documents incorporate ecologically based policies and design criteria. It is proposed that a new Recommendation be prepared by combining #12 & #16. (See #12 above for revised Recommendation.) Human Health 17. Develop a Niagara River Fish Consumption Advisory. A joint advisory will not be developed with New York State due to differences between the programs. There is a question about whether the risk of fish consumption is being communicated adequately to specific groups of the public in Ontario, such as children, women of child-bearing years, non-English speaking groups, etc. This Recommendation should be revised. Suggested Revised Recommendation: While fish consumption advisories are necessary, adequately communicate and encourage the use of the government’s “Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish”. 18. Conduct research to determine if consumption of water based wildlife is harmful to human health. In the Niagara River AOC, this impairment is based on consumption of snapping turtles in Lyons Creek. There is a need to develop a sediment management strategy for Lyons Creek and implement it. It may be determined that consumption advisories are required until the sediments are clean. 171 117

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