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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Appendix 11: Public

Appendix 11: Public Outreach and Stage 2 Update Consultation Activities The NPCA continues to serve as a local client services centre for Niagara River RAP inquires and educational information, and where RAP reports, documents and files are maintained. Since taking on the role of RAP coordinator, the NPCA has been administering public outreach programs and communicating RAP-related program information to stakeholders and the public (including local school children). This outreach includes the production and distribution of fact sheets and educational information, media coverage, display materials, reports and publications. In addition to RAP PowerPoint presentations, other general ones have been developed on the themes of water conservation, the ecosystem and wetlands, and restoration and water quality. As a component of the NPCA’s Eco-school program carried out throughout the watershed, these educational topics highlight the benefits of water quality improvement and habitat restoration which compliment and support RAP targets and deliverables. Specific RAP Outreach Activities RAP Newsletters Niagara River RAP Update 2002 Niagara River RAP Update 2004 Niagara River RAP Update 2008 Niagara River RAP Brochure 2009 Niagara River (Ontario) AOC Update 2010: Charting a Course to Delisting Collectively, over 110,000 newsletters have been distributed throughout the watershed via newspapers (i.e. Niagara Falls Review, Welland Tribune, The Fort Erie Times, St. Catharines Standard, Lincoln Post Express, West Lincoln Review and Dunnville Chronicle); placed in libraries within the AOC in Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Welland, Wellandport and Niagara-on-the-Lake, and handed out at RAP-related public events, stakeholder meetings, and U.S. RAP meetings. RAP web site: This web site has been updated to include the latest information on Niagara River RAP initiatives. It now also contains all of the RAP reports, including this report. Other reports containing scientific evidence relevant to the RAP are also being continually added. Technical reports and community newsletters covering the study on the contaminated sediments in Lyons Creek East are also available on this web site. RAP Display Events Niagara Children’s Water Festival The Niagara Children’s Water Festival is an annual September event attended by over 4,600 Grade 3 and 4 students, teachers and parent volunteers from throughout the Niagara River watershed. These attendees participate in a variety of activities focused on water conservation, water attitude, water technology, water protection and water science. The 4-day event is a joint initiative with the NPCA, Niagara Region, Ontario Power Generation and other partners. Since 2007, a “Public Day” has been added to the event when the entire community is invited to come out and learn how to contribute to a healthier environment. 128

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Public Open Houses/Information Sessions Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy - 2005 The Niagara River RAP was represented at the Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy Public Open house held at Niagara College. The event was attended by agency representatives, educators, students, organization representatives and interested citizens. The Niagara River RAP was featured in the focus on Niagara section of the Niagara Region’s Water for Life newsletter, spring 2005 edition. 2006/07 Five public open houses/ stakeholder meetings were held where RAP displays and information were provided to the public. The first was the launch of the Watershed Report Card (April) where the RAP program was highlighted and promoted. At the Smarter Niagara Summit (second stakeholders meeting held in Niagara Falls in May) the General Manager from NPCA, presented an overview of the watershed programs including RAP coordination role and partnerships. Three more open houses were held (February and March) at schools throughout the watershed. At these events the community was invited to come out and learn more about water quality and habitat improvement and RAP information was disseminated. Over 200 people attended and enjoyed these educational activities. 129

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