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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

An internet search and

An internet search and review of existing literature (Braune et. al. 1999, Dillon Consulting Ltd. 2004) found that only the muscle of these species is typically cooked and eaten, with skin, fat, and viscera removed. No evidence was found that the eggs of either turtle or waterfowl are regularly consumed. 2.2 Contaminants in Edible Portions of Migratory Waterfowl Environment Canada sampled for contaminants in pectoral muscle in migratory waterfowl from the Niagara River AOC, as part of a large cross-Canada study for contaminants in waterfowl and gamebirds in the late 1980s (Braune et. al. 1999). Species of waterfowl taken from the AOC were the diving ducks Common Goldeneye and Long-tailed Duck (formerly known as Oldsquaw). Contaminants measured included DDE, PCBs, dieldrin, mirex, chlordane, mercury, heptachlor epoxide, HCB, and cadmium. Contaminants were analysed in pooled samples of pectoral muscle, rather than the muscle of individual birds, except in select cases where only one individual of a species was taken from a particular area. Results for the Niagara AOC and select areas in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin are shown in table 1. Health Canada’s guidelines for chemical residues in poultry (defined by Health Canada as the meat of any bird for human consumption) are also shown. For the Niagara River AOC, results show that concentrations (ug/g) of all contaminants were low, were not associated with adverse effects in birds, and did not pose a health hazard to consumers. It should be noted that the species taken for contaminant analysis do not breed locally, but rather are seasonal migrants which may also overwinter in some cases in the AOC. Due to their migratory ranges, and their potential to be exposed to contaminants in other areas, these waterfowl species are not necessarily good indicators of the risk of local sources of contaminants to human consumers. 148

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Table 1: Concentrations of contaminants (μg/g) in pectoral muscle of waterfowl from the Niagara AOC and other areas of the Great Lakes- St. Lawrence River basin (Braune et al. 1999). N represents the number of birds analyzed in the pooled sample. Health Canada guidelines for poultry are also included for reference. Location Specia N DDE Health Canada Max. Acceptable Concentration Niagara AOC (Queenston) Eastern Lake Erie (Long Point) Western Lake Erie (Rondeau Park) St. Lawrence River AOC (Cornwall/ Lake St. Francis) Sum PCBs Dieldrin Mirex Total Chlordane H.E. 1 HCB 2 Hg Cd Poultry 5 3 0.3 0.1 0.3 0.3 N/A N/A N/A Common Goldeneye 1 0.079 0.181 0.006 0.021 0.001 0.001 0.006 0.460 0.023 Long-tailed Duck 4 0.208 0.421 0.033 0.026 0.031 0.008 0.012 0.233 0.110 Mallard 1 0.003 0.002 Tr nd 0.001 nd nd N/A N/A 5 0.004 0.006 Tr nd 0.002 nd tr 0.046 0.011 10 0.003 0.002 Tr nd tr nd tr

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