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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

6.0 References Fernie,

6.0 References Fernie, K. and S. de Solla. 2003. Working Statement: Snapping Turtles in Lyons Creek, 2002. Unpublished technical memorandum. Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service. November, 2003. Haffner, G.D., Glooschenko, V., Straughan, A., Hebert, C.E. and Lazar, R. 1998.Concentrations and distributions of polychlorinated biphenyls, including non-ortho congeners, in mink populations from southern Ontario. J. Great Lakes Res. 24: 880-888. Hebert, C.E., V. Glloshenko, G.D. Haffner, and R. Lazar. 1993. Organic Contaminants in Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) Populations from Southern Ontario, Canada. Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. Vol. 24: 35-43. Hughes, K. 2004. Current Status, Trends and Distributions of Aquatic Wildlife in the Niagara (Ontario) Watershed. Unpublished report. Environment Canada, Restoration Programs Division. June, 2004. Table 2: Results of impairment assessment for the Bird (or other animal) Deformities or Reproduction Problems BUI, based on the decision matrix presented in section 1.0 above and available evidence to assess the impairment as summarized in section 2.0 Key Factor Result Comments Contaminant body burdens in excess of reference sites/levels? Deformities/ reproduction problems of a type associated with contaminant exposure? Frequency of deformities/ reproduction problems exceeds frequency for reference sites/ background levels? Individuals with deformities show health effects? Shift in population characteristics? Overall Impairment Assessment Yes No No Additional Information Needed For PCBs in snapping turtle eggs from Lyons Creek clutches. PCB levels in one mink from Lyons Creek exceeded literature-based thresholds for reproduction problems. No hatchling deformities or reproductive impairment in Lyons Creek snapping turtle clutches. No hatchling deformities or reproductive impairment in Lyons Creek snapping turtle clutches. No clinical chemistry endpoints data available to suggest whether there is a risk of turtles developing deformities or reproduction problems. No rigorous population data available for either snapping turtle or mink. Requires Further Assessment 160

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Appendix 15: Status of the Restrictions on Dredging Activities in the Niagara River (Ontario) AOC 161

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