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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Lyons Creek West Figure

Lyons Creek West Figure 8: Lyons Creek West & East Study sites The property owners of this site are Hydro One, City of Welland and Transport Canada. The contaminants of concern at this site were arsenic and PCBs although it is not known to be a source of contamination to the Welland or Niagara Rivers. In 1994, Lyons Creek West was rerouted, leaving a portion of the former channel to dry up and grass over. Both sediments and soils in Lyons Creek West were found to contain elevated levels of arsenic, which posed potential human health risks. 54 PCBs, while not associated with human health risks, posed marginal ecological risks. The detailed assessments conducted on this site indicated that a sediment management strategy was required. Sediment and soil with elevated arsenic concentrations were excavated from the Hydro One property and the site was backfilled in September 2007. 55 Therefore the human health risk was eliminated. 56 Transport Canada owns most of the remaining area with PCB-contaminated sediment and soil, and is the lead agency in developing a sediment management strategy. Sediment management options are currently under investigation. 54 Dillon Consulting Limited. November 2006. Detailed Human Health Risk Assessment: Lyons Creek West (Final Draft). Submitted to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. 55 O’Connor Associates Environmental Inc. November 23, 2007. Letter to Hydro One Networks Inc. summarizing results of Right-Of-Way Drainage Ditch Remedial Excavation in Welland, Ontario. 56 Dillon Consulting Limited. December 2007. Detailed Human Health Risk Assessment: Lyons Creek West. Submitted to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. 26

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Lyons Creek East Lyons Creek East sediments are contaminated with PCBs. The most elevated concentrations were detected closest to the Welland Canal By-Pass, with concentrations steadily decreasing the further east the sediments were sampled. Further investigations at the site included human health 57 and ecological 58, 59 risk assessments. The human health risk assessment concluded that there is no direct contact or exposure between people and sediments and that there is no evidence that there are risks to human health resulting from activities such as fishing and consumption of sport fish. Although the survey responses did not reveal fish consumption from the portion of the creek upstream of Buchner Road, anyone who wishes to consume fish from that area should consult the MOE’s Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish 57 . The ecological assessments 59 indicated a marginal risk to biota. The detailed assessments conducted indicated that a sediment management strategy was required. Figure 9: Lyons Creek East Wetland The site-specific sediment management options evaluated for Lyons Creek East were: Monitored Natural Recovery, Enhanced Natural Recovery, Capping, and Removal and Wetland Restoration. In 2006, a detailed inventory of wetland and aquatic features of the Lyons Creek East Wetlands 60 was undertaken. This was due to concerns expressed by the regulatory agencies about the impacts of potential remedial actions in the Provincially Significant Wetland complex. This study identified significant features that could potentially be affected by contaminant remediation works. These include rare plants, birds and fish species, as well as some species protected by species-at-risk legislation. 57 Dillon Consulting limited. November 2007. Detailed Human Health Risk Assessment: Lyons Creek East. Submitted to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. 58 Milani, Danielle & Rachael Fletcher. 2005. PCB contamination and biological impacts in Lyons Creek East: Implementation of a Canada-Ontario decision-making framework for contaminated sediments. NWRI - Environment Canada and Biomonitoring Section – EMRB-MOE. 59 Golder associates. August 2008. Niagara River AOC Phase IV: Sediment Management Options for Lyons Creek East and West. Submitted to Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. 60 Dougan & Associates. March 2007. Lyons Creek East Wetland Inventory & Monitoring Study. Final Interim Report. Prepared for the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. 27

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